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Story #1 - God's Country Part 4 - Colossus - Colossus battled the Cold Warriors to save an American family but when even the police turn on them it becomes clear that the U.S. government is trying to kill the whole family! Bruce, the father, refuses to leave his home and prepares the homestead for war even as his traumatized family slips further into a surreal state of mind.

Story # 2 - Panther's Quest Part 1 - Black Panther - T'challa is in South Africa tracking down a rumor, he's heard that his mother, who he hasn't seen since he was a child and thought dead, is at the Bantu Hostel and he has to find out the truth.

Story #3 - Reed's On The Roof and We Can't Get Him Down - Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman - With Reed and Sue in disguise, Reed finds household chores a bit more difficult to do without exposing his powers to the neighborhood.

Story #4 - A Tooth For A Tooth - Shanna The She Devil - A tourist claims he and his wife were attacked by a lion and when he tried to shoot the animal he accidentally shot his wife, but Shanna doesn't believe him and tracks the lion down and quickly realizes the lion is innocent of the crime and that the tourist murdered his wife.

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