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Story #1 - God' Country Part 3 - Colossus - Colossus is battling the Cold Warriors and after the fight he flees with a local family and contacts the police in town but Colossus becomes suspicious and escapes to the family's home where they proceed to barricade themselves inside.

Story #2 - Elements of Terror Part 12 - Man Thing - The devil priestess Marea is dead and reporter Mickey Ditillio, his girlfriend Lyssa and soldier of fortune Lloyd Zahner are General Edwin Selbert's prisoners in a shabby motel room, can Colonel Jody Choate and his band of "super soldiers" salvage the designs of the shadow goverment or will it's covert mission be terminated at the hands of the macabre Man Thing.

Story #3 - Noble Fathers Have Noble Sons - Hercules -Hercules has a lot of fun and helps common citizens in need in New York City while Lynck, a reporter sent by J. Jonah Jameson to "ruin those Gods' lives", follows him. Hercules think's he is saving a young girl from a gang but she is actually part of the gang and is bait so they can rob people and she tries to stab Hercules but he manages to disarm her, Zeus shows up saying to his son that humankind only wants to destroy the Gods and that he doesn't understand why Hercules walks among them. Zeus ask Hercules to kill the girl, but Hercules say's no proving he is a worthy hero, Lynck rips up his notes about Hercules realizing he is truly a hero.

Story #4 - Spring Break - Namorita - As she is leaving on vacation, Namorita stumbles upon some drug smugglers and takes them down in very short order but when she get's home to Atlantis she realizes that the things that made her want to leave New York are just as prevelant there.

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