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Story #1 - God' Country Part 2 - Colossus - Vacationing in the heartland of America, Collosus found himself up against an ugly enemy, prejudice, and now he meets the Cold Warriors!

Story #2 - Elements of Terror Part 11 - Man Thing - Transformed by the Sallis serum into a "super soldier" Colonel Jody Choate prepares to lead a similarly altered band of Costa Dinoran freedom fighters on a covert mission to Moscow. In Washington, however, Mickey Ditillio's newspaper is about to go to press with the secret behind the shadow goverment, forcing retired General Edwin Selbert to take desperate measures to suppress the story, and beneath the stagnant waters of the swamp, something is stirring.

Story #3 - Drain Storm - Ant Man - When his daughter loses her grandmother's ring down the drain in the bathroom sink, Ant Man decides to go after it himself and ends up battling spiders and rat's in his half inch tall form of the astonishing Ant Man to recover the ring and save the day for his daughter.

Story #4 - Over and Over - Slag of Wolfpack - Slag's cousin Chris is in trouble with a local drug dealer and ask for help in dealing with it, Slag agrees to help but only if Chris agree's to go to rehab, Slag takes care of the problem but Chris doesn't hold up his end and goes back to the streets.

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