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Save The Tiger [part 10]:

Previously, Wolverine got caught up in trouble within a few hours of his arrival in Madripoor. He was taken prisoner by Roche but managed to escape. Now, he and his friend, wannabe crimelord, Tyger Tiger have breached Roche's estate's security, taken care of his bodyguards, and are ready to take him down.

Post duelling with Razorfist, and slaying him, Wolverine goes to find Roche, the man responsible for his troubles. But he goes to the dungeons to help out his friend, O'Donnel first. He finds him inside, all bandaged and weak from Sapphire's loving "energy draining" exercise. Wolverine asks him about Jessan and O'Donnel replies that she has gone after Roche.

Wolverine and O'Donnel come out of the dungeons. They head for the exit. But Roche suddenly springs out from behind a bush and blasts away at them with a Spas 12 shotgun. Wolverine manages to push O'Donnel out of the line of fire, but takes in all the slugs himself. He falls down, seemingly dead. Suddenly, Tyger Tiger comes out, swishing her sword. She slashes at Roche angrily, and decapitates him. She comes to Wolverine and weeps for him, failing to detect his pulse. O'Donnel consoles her, and they go away, promising to arrange a proper funeral for Wolverine.

After they have gone, Wolverine gets up, painfully though. He has survived the bullets, thanks to Healing Factor and adamantium. He is satisfied that Roche is down and Tyger has won over his throne. He is satisfied thet thesecrets of the X-Men are still safe. He is satisfied with his stay in Madripoor.

Later things have been tidied up. Inside the Princess Bar, Tyger Tiger dresses herself in costly apparel and prepares to meet the Prince to establish herself as Heir apparent to Roche's throne. Wolverine calls out to her and startles her momentarily, causing her to throw a knife at him. Wolverine catches it and returns it to her.

Wolverine comes forward, telling Jessan that she is not Roche. She may have seized his throne, but the day she turns bad, she will be answerable to Wolverine. Suddenly, Tyger slashes at him, causing a wound on his left wrist. Instinctively, she slashes her own wrist, then shares her blood with his. She tells him that he is the fittest man to watch over her, and she will try to remain worthy of their friendship. Then, she kisses him.

Story #2 - Elements of Terror Part 10 - Man Thing - Man Thing has been destroyed, his body splattered into wad's of muck and mire by an army surplus rocket, his head lost in the swamp's murky waters. Colonel Jody Choate has assumed personal command of the mysterious mission known as "Project: Glamor". At the same time however in Florida, mercenary Lloyd Zahner and the devil priestess Marea have confessed their roles in the scheme of the shadow goverment to reporter Mickey Ditillio and the secret is about to explode into headlines.

Story #3 - Machine Man Meet's The F.F. - Machine Man - On his way to see a friend Machine Man finds him and his wife in a fight with thugs on the street and manages to save his friends wife but his friend Peter is kidnapped by the men and their robotic ally. Machine Man tracks them to a military base where Machine Man find's he is the one they actually want! It is soon revealed that the robot that kidnapped his friend want's to transfer his intelligence into Machine Man's body and use it for evil but Machine Man manages to save his friend Peter and himself.

Story #4 - God's Country Part 1 - Colossus - Russian born Colossus tries to vacation in the heartland of America and begins to wonder why this country is called "The Land of The Free".

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