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The Human Torch

Professor Horton meets with members of the press to discuss that he is having trouble with his latest creation the 1st synthetic human whom he dubs The Human Torch. He keeps The Human Torch in a cylindrical tube that is completely free of oxygen for the moment the Android is exposed to the air it bursts into flames. The reporters are terrified of Horton's creation and urge him to destroy it but he cannot bring himself to. In response the reporters print a series of articles about the monster and Horton is investigated by the scientist guild. He demonstrates the torch's abilities and informs members of the guild that he has absolutely no control over The Human Torch's powers. The guild agrees that the torch should be destroyed but Horton begs for an alternative solution so the head of the guild suggests burying the Human torch in cement until a way to control him is discovered to which Horton agrees. The Torch is entombed in a steel tube and buried in the cement. Time goes by and a small amount of air is able to reach the Human Torch causing a great explosion allowing him to escape his prison. The Torch unintentionally hurts dozens of people until the fire department arrives and tries to put him out. The Torch melts the fire hose and flies off into the night taking shelter inside a swimming pool to stop causing so much destruction. The owner of the home is a Mob boss by the name of Sardo who thinks he can use the torch for his racketeering business but after he has the Torch destroy a warehouse, the torch gets wise and goes back to destroy Sardo and his men in the ensuing fight Sardo throws liquid nitrogen on the torch which gives him control over his powers. Afterwards he reunites with Horton only to realize Horton just wants to use him for his own gain so the Human Torch flies off to find new adventures.

The Angel

The Angel helps a city in need by hunting down and killing mobsters one of which is revealed to be a man by the name of Dr. Lang. He turns over Dr. Lang to the police rather than killing him because, after he corners him, he reveals that Lang's plan was to kill off the Leaders of the mob in order to keep all the money from their individual crimes to himself.

The Submariner

Divers on a salvage ship encounter Namor. He mistakes them for robots and kills them. Namor then proceeds to destroy the ship itself in turn killing everyone on board. Namor returns to Atlantis and is praised for his actions. It's explained that the Atlanteans hate humans, specifically Americans, due to an American exploration to the Antarctic. During the exploration the "Earth-men" sent explosives underwater for scientific research and ended up killing many Atlanteans. Namor's mother is sent to spy on the humans and ends up falling in love with the commander of the exploration. From this Namor is born, but before his birth the exploration does further research and kills off all but a few Atlanteans, who vow vengeance on the Earth-men. Namor is then sent on a mission to America to do what damage he can. He travels with his cousin Dorma, and they come upon a lighthouse. Namor damages the lighthouse and hijacks a plane to allow Dorma to return home. He then dives back into the ocean to continue his crusade against humans.


John Rand is flying with his wife and three-year old son to Cairo from Johannesburg, when they crash in the Congo tropical forest. Thanks to John the family is able to survive and wait for rescue. The son, David, makes friends with the animals and has no fear of them. When the rescue plane flies by, John is unable to get its attention. Some days later, the wife, Constance, dies of a fever. Soon after a storm knocks over a tree onto John and causes him to believe the jungle is their home now and no longer seeks to return to civilization. David grows up, becoming as physically fit as the other animals and even learns to speak to the animals. Zar, the lion, who had been keeping track of the family since they arrived, is one day saved from quicksand by David and they become companions. A week later John and David find some natives led by another white man, Paul De Kraft. John argues with Kraft to make them leave, and is saved by David from being shot by Kraft. John and David leave, but Kraft plans to kill them. In the morning David sneaks into Kraft's camp, but while there he hears shots fired from the direction of his home. David returns to find his father dead by Kraft's hand and vows vengeance, but Kraft escapes. Zar invites David to stay with him and says that from then on he will be known as Ka-Zar, brother of Zar.

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