Get A Peek At Some Cool 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Concept Art

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It may be a while yet until the release of Marvel Studios' Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, but that doesn't mean that the studio and the creators behind these films aren't already putting the pieces together. In fact, the second phase of Marvel's upcoming movies are already well underway with the release of Iron Man 3 only a month away (May 3rd, 2013), and earlier we saw some pretty awesome concept art for the two aforementioned films.

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' concept art

Often, before a movie goes into production (the actual filming process), steps are taken during pre-production to determine how a film will actually work and to help with the choreography of certain scenes and moments. Film makers will often use traditional artists to illustrate scenes and backgrounds for the film in order to set the tone and overall setting of a movie. The following images were leaked online via GeekZenith and give us a closer look at the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie (above) which is set to hit theaters on April 4th, 2014, as well as the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy film (below), which will be in theaters on August 1st, 2014.

Two of the images below give us a peek at the concept art for a space ship or vessel of some kind, and the other is a landscape of what could be another planet. The third, and final image features the Guardians themselves sitting around a table of what might be a dive bar. The image likens to the famous cantina scene in Star Wars and is a moment that we are definitely looking forward to seeing. What do you think of the concept art? Which phase 2 Marvel movie are you most looking forward to watching?

Source: GeekZenith

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woah awesome concept art, especially that one with the spaceship

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Love it!

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@mutie199: Agreed, that space ship looks beautiful. GG looks great just based on this art and Winter Soldier looks pretty cool too, wish there was more art for that though.

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BUM CRACK IN SIGHT!!... anyways, i'm stoked now. The shady sci-fi feeling is definitely a good direction James Gunn is taking (homage to cantina). Good to see Groot all stupid looking (but is a genius), Rocket with his banters, Drax's 'gangster' super-flex (LOLOLOL) and Peter Quill (i think, judging from the back of his head, his helmet?) being the leader, all check. Now where's Gamora =D

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The Winter Soldier looks amazing.

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Wow this is some pretty cool stuff!

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Really looking forward to both of these movies. Especially Winter Soldier.

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these are great. Is Joe Johnson doing Cap again???

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Wow these look great. Can't wait for both films to come out.

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Yay Winter Soldier, intrigued to see more of GotG

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What if they have Knowhere, the guardians base? That's be sweet and could introduce celestials for a possible like asgard versus the celestials movie.

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It's too late. I heard Batista is going to be in and I'm not seeing it now.

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That Guardians of the Galaxy concept are looks amazing. I'm super excited for the GotG movie, I have faith in Marvel, I think it's going to be great!

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Winter Soldier will be the best movie yet I bet.

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That star wars copy is so stupid they'd better not do that. If you're facing galactic threats, you don't take time to have a drink for crying out loud. Unless you're retarded.

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So GotG seems ok. I still want Jason Momoa. But whatever. Winter Soldier might be slightly more interesting to me.

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these are great. Is Joe Johnson doing Cap again???

No, Anthony & Joe Russo are directing Winter Soldier.

Guardians looks like a blast! August 2014 can't come soon enough!

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Cap's shield? :o I didn't even consider the possibility of Major Victory being in the movie.

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Love 'em! :) There has to be hundreds of artworks out there! The company should spill at least 20 to 30 of them (preferably non-spoiler ones!)

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awwwwwweeeeeesoooooooommmeee! That WS pic really fills me with a lot of joy!

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That spaceship thingy looks sort of like Serenity

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Looking at these concept arts makes me so excited for what Marvel has in store for us, WOO!!

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Is Radioactive Man going to be in Iron Man 3? I've heard rumours, but I think if they happen to be true , the influx of Super-strong green dudes will overwhelm the new superhero movie-goer fanbase!

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Awesome stuff, can't wait for both of these!

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I'm still not happy that they're doing the Winter Soldier story for the sequel, but I'll keep an open mind for this and the Guardians movie

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Oooooooooooooh, I am so excited now!

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This is getting me excited.I am loving this!

Now MARVEL characters will get far more popular

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Since everyone has over used AWEsome

I'll say

This $#!% looks DOPE

( + )

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@oscars94: Chen Lu appears but I don't think in his radioactive form.

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Someone should totally post the Phase 2 video and the concepts for Falcon and Winter Soldier. I'd do it but I'm on mobile right now...

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Well done MARVEL, well done (hat tip, followed by a slow-clap, followed by a slow falling tear down from my right eye)

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The Winter Soldier concept art looks amazing!

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These look great! That last concept art of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the bar reminds me of the scene in Star Wars Last Hope when Obi Wan and Luke go to the bar to meet Han Solo.

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pics built my low antipaction of GoG up, but im really having huge hopes for CA: WS

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Really digging Bucky's look! These concept pieces are absolutely wonderful!

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