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Universes collide as the Source Wall has been breached. The Marvel and DC universes seem to have merged. This allows a team-up of Dark Phoenix and Darkseid to threaten everything. Can the Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans overcome their differences, stop fighting between each other, and team-up to save both Universes?

Note: This story takes place when Beast Boy went by "Changeling," Nightwing went by "Robin," Donna Troy went by "Wonder Girl," and Flash (Wally West) went by "Kid Flash."

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One of the best of the company crossovers 0

So this is one of the books that came out as I was really getting into both teams. You know, before Marvel started believing the hype surrounding their mutant teams, and Wolverine was not doing guest shots in every book imaginable.  Also this happened before company crossovers became commonplace.  I was excited for this.I remembered buying the Giant Size Superman/Spiderman book, and thought this one could be even better.  I was right.  Chris Claremont writes a pretty good story here. It does bec...

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Titans vs Mutains 0

Marvel and DC Present: The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans, is one of my 1st crossover in my collection. It's one of the few crossovers that go up price per Over Street and comic cons if you ever see this issues I've seen as low $5.00 up to $35.00 just depending on the grade of the book. As far the arc goes this one of the few times that I would classified it as really good read and something to have in one collection one few crossover that makes senses far stories line goes. S.T.T.BMach...

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