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When the Vulture begins robbing rival mobsters, a mob war that will tear New York City apart is in the brewing. But where is he getting his information, and where will he strike next? Spider-Man teams with Wolverine in an undercover adventure to reveal the shocking answer!

Pete once again debuts a new identity. Since "Mace" proved a failed last issue (having no actual mace to go along with his costume), he now appears as Agent Nine to stop a crime. It works out fine, until he runs into Wolverine, who can tell it's really Pete by his smell. He has been looking for Spider-Man so they can team up against the Vulture. Pete agrees to come along, and calls Chat to let her know. Chat is with Emma, whom she is bringing to meet the Blonde Phantom to get a job, although Emma is hesitant about "settling down," and on the right side of the law to boot.

Wolverine and Spidey are on a stakeout. They watch a mob courier. Logan explains that several couriers from both the Torinos and the Kingpin's mobs have been getting robbed by the Vulture, and as expected, the courier they are watching suffers the same fate. They aren't able to catch him however.

Pete and Wolverine get in disguise and go undercover in the mob world. After about a week, they get nowhere. Then Pete has an idea. They go to watch Berto's mansion, and soon see the Vulture fly by. They manage to tag him with a webline and catch him. Wolverine is confused why the Vulture is here, since he has been robbing the Torinos too, but Pete explains that it was a trick; Torino was paying him to rob both, and then just giving Torino his own money back. Berto Torino has been watching the whole thing...Spider-Man is becoming a bigger problem for him.

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