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It's been months since Peter Parker first began dating Sophia "Chat" Sanduval, a mutant with the ability to talk with animals. Months of ALMOST meeting Chat's sister, never quite knowing who she is. This time, Peter is going to solve the mystery once and for all. But just how deadly is the real answer, and what does it have to do with the return of Emma Frost.. the Silencer?

Spidey is in the middle of stopping a car full of criminals when all of a sudden they stop fighting and decide to turn themselves in to the cops. Emma Frost, the Silencer, sidles out of the background; she's the one who "nudged" their minds into turning themselves in. Pete is not a fan of this technique, and Emma admits that Chat and her sister had the same problem with it. Pete is intrigued--he has been hearing about Chat's sister forever, and has never met her. Partly out of curiosity and partly out of suspicion, decides to start a campaign to meet her, asking Carter and Aunt May for advice.

The next day, Chat and Peter's plans for a new super-identity come to fruition in the persona of Mace...a superhero who does not have a mace. The public is impressed with his debut, except for his lack of a mace. Emma arrives and takes the two of them along to a cafe where she has sensed impending danger. Just as they enter, the place explodes in a fireball. They survive, and find the arsonist, Cinder, but don't catch her.

Over the next few days, Pete keeps humorously hounding Chat about her sister, to no avail.

The Blonde Phantom gets a tip about Cinder, and they check it out. Chat and Emma stay in the background and let Pete duke it out with her. He beats her quickly, getting some of his confidence back. Meanwhile Emma tells Chat that she is going to erase Peter's interest in Chat's sister. Chat doesn't want her to, but she can't stop her, and Pete forgets all about it.

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