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The battle with Bullseye begins, and it ends in heartbreak for Peter Parker as the Amazing Spider-Man finds that Bullseye is aiming for those he cares most about... and he does not miss.

Pete agrees to take care of Flapper the owl for Chat. He goes out on street patrol and is annoyed to discover that after he breaks up a mugging to the approval of a gathering crowd, the guy who was actually being mugged thinks he's trash.

Tension starts between Gwen and her police chief father about her relationship with Carter, and also between Carter and his grandfather, the crimelord Berto Torino, about Spider-Man. Pete hears about this and makes several calls, talking with everyone about their days.

Bullseye is tracking Spider-Man as he goes about on patrol. Peter meets up with Chat, who tries to cheer him up with a new version of the 60s Spider-Man TV show theme song. Bullseye attacks, and they run out of the alley. Spidey fights back, but Bullseye is too skilled, and starts beating him up pretty badly. Pete manages to get away, up to a roof, while Chat calls Captain Stacy for help. Bullseye finds Peter, however, and throws a knife up in the air; when it falls down, it will kill the exhausted Peter. Flapper intervenes, however, and lets itself get hit by the knife to save Spider-Man. Enraged by this very affecting sacrifice, Spider-Man pulls himself together and beats Bullseye, then collapses on the roof.

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