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This issue contains two stories. The first, Going Cosmic, contains the first appearance of a former Herald of Galactus, Primordius. Primordius was a Herald before the Silver Surfer, but Galactus fired him. Primordius later became jealous of the Surfer because of his many great achievements. He sends a machine to Earth to absorb the Surfer's powers, but instead it switches the powers of the Surfer and Spider-Man, who happens to be swinging by at the time. Spider-Man flies away on the Surfer's board and confronts Primordius. Meanwhile, the Surfer is woken up in Central Park by a young girl, Gracie Swift, who is a huge fan of his. He has lost his memory, but she fills him in. Spider-Man and Primordius show up fighting in the sky. The Surfer starts fighting with his new Spidey powers, but eventually is able to combine himself and Spider-Man together into a single entity, which then defeats Primordius with some cosmic-powered webbing. They then send him back into space to learn a lesson about living life in the moment. In the second story, Kraven attacks Spider-Man while he is on a break eating pizza outside the top of a large skyscraper. The two fight all the way down to the bottom of the building. Spidey saves the day by beating up Kraven with a number of office supplies.

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