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ONE OF THE SINISTER SIX IS MISSING – AND SPIDER - TO BLAME! At least, that’s what the remaining Sinister Six think, and Spider-Man's very LIFE is the payment they demand for his presumed crime!

This is the first issue of a new format. The previous issues all contained one long story. The new issues each contain two short stories instead.

In the first story, Spider-Man is helping a woman change the tire on her car when suddenly the Sinister Six--or rather, Five--attack. They are sans Vulture, and furious about the way Spider-Man foiled their weeks of planning for their next crime. But wait...what? Spider-Man has no idea what they're talking about. He didn't foil any plans.

Unsurprisingly, they are not interested in listening to him. However, their rage blinds them and he starts to dispatch them, tricking Electro into knocking out Kraven. Finally Dr. Octopus explains what happened: Spider-Man caught the Vulture and put him in jail, foiling their plans to rob several high-end jewelry stores. Except...Spidey didn't catch the Vulture. Instead, we the readers see that he forgot to buy his suit for the robbery, and so he stops off in a store to steal one. As he does, he also steals Aunt May's purse. Aunt May tells him off, saying he's the reason New York has a bad reputation. But why did he tell Doc Ock that he was in jail? It turns out that he is feeling guilty about stealing the purse, and he's just sitting on a rooftop, trying to figure out what to do.

Meanwhile, Spidey punches Sandman, dispersing his sand and ruining Mysterio's illusions, and apparently defeating Mysterio. Then he tricks Electro yet again, this time into disrupting Sandman's electrical bonds, turning him into a pile of sand. Then Spidey rams a truck into Electro and Doc Ock, knocking them out.

Back at home, there's a knock at the door, and Peter answers it. It's the Vulture, returning Aunt May's purse. He has no idea that Peter is Spidey, and just wants Aunt May to know that he doesn't want to be a blight on New York, the greatest city on earth!

In the second story, Sandman and Kraven have already escaped from jail, and have come hunting the wall-crawler. He battles them in a construction zone, and knocks out Kraven with some hard hats. Then he tricks Sandman into streaming his body into a tanker truck, which Peter promptly seals shut.

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