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THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN TEAMS WITH THE SORCERER SUPREME! Climbing on walls doesn't do a lot of good when you're fighting an enemy that can fire magical bolts and summon demons, so when Baron Mordo takes over New York City's entire population, Spider-Man calls upon the help of Dr. Strange!

Spider-Man and Chat are running away from a horde of demons that can become intangible at will. They don't know why they're being chased, the demons just showed up from another dimension. As they run, they swing by Baron Mordo, who is summoning them and others to our plane. Pete decides he needs help against this kind of foe, and goes to see Dr. Strange.

After listening, Strange teleports them all back to the fight, and starts to take on Mordo, who is trying to summon the "elder ones," who will destroy the world. He casts a spell allowing Spidey to fight the demons, even though they're intangible.

Mordo, however, has made himself immune to Spidey's powers, and knocks him and Chat into a web with a giant spider. They manage to get out, but don't know how long they'll be able to hold out, since Mordo has summoned so many demons, and the "elder ones" are starting to come through.

Then Pete realizes what he can do, without using his powers (since Mordo is immune to them). He goes to a sandwich cart and grabs some condiment bottles, then starts squirting ketchup and mustard in Mordo's face. Unable to deal with such an annoying attack, he falters, and Strange is able to knock him out and cancel his summoning spell. It is possibly the only time food fight techniques have saved the world.







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