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It's chaos in New York when Peter Parker runs across a deadly plan to disrupt a crucial United Nations vote by kidnapping the delegates, and Spider-Man is forced stop the madman with the plan... the leader of Latveria, the man in the iron mask... Dr. Doom himself!

Dr. Doom has taken over the United Nations building, but unknown to him, Peter Parker's school group was taking a tour and is now stuck inside. Doom wants trade concessions for Latveria, or he will explode a zero-gravity bomb.

Pete and Chat break off from their group, and Pete changes into Spider-Man. He recruits a tour guide and some other students to help him. They distract some Doombots while Spidey crawls past them on the ceiling. He makes his way into the main chamber and yaks the bomb's remote away from Doom. Spidey runs out of the building, but tosses the remote into a laundry cart the tour guide is pushing along, so that he can smuggle it out surreptitiously.

Doom follows Spidey, and they go on a chase outside. Doom eventually realizes his mistake and returns to get the remote, but by now they have taken it into laundry truck and are driving away. Doom stops the truck, but the police show up and get ready to arrest him, when another Doom shows up! He says he's the real Doom, and the other one (who took the UN hostage) is just a malfunctioning Doombot. However, a dog that Chat picked up in the UN sniffs him, and tells Chat that the newly arrived Doom is the Doombot--the one who took over the UN is the one that smells human.

The real Doom is arrested (albeit probably temporarily), and Spidey and Chat have once again saved the day.

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