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The debut of the newest member of the critically-acclaimed MARVEL ADVENTURES line! Caught in a blast of gamma radiation, brilliant scientist Bruce Banner now finds himself in times of stress turning into the living engine of destruction know as THE INCREDIBLE HULK!

At Gamma Base research and development facility in the Nevada desert, General "Thunderbolt" Ross introduces his daughter Betty Ross, Bruce Banner, and the intern Rick Jones to the new test monkey, Number 92. He is to be used to find out if Banner's nonlethal gamma bomb prototype will destroy equipment without harming nearby life. The General pushes Bruce to begin the test immediately.

Rick doesn't want to see Monkey possibly die in the test and goes out to the testing ground to free him. Meanwhile, Banner has begun the countdown for the detonation of the bomb. He sees Rick on the testing ground and tries to abort but it doesn't work. He hops into a HUMV to save Rick Jones.

On the testing ground Bruce sends Rick and Monkey into a bunker. Together they try to force the stuck bunker door closed. At the last moment it swings shut protecting Rick and Monkey but leaving Bruce Banner outside. The gamma bomb detonates.

Betty Ross is now at ground zero as well. With a geiger counter she looks for Bruce. She finds the Hulk. Bruce Banner's ID is clipped to the monsters waist. She knows this must be Bruce and says his name.

Somewhere in the green monster's brain he remembers Betty. The sight and knowledge of her calm him down and he becomes Bruce Banner again.

Back in the lab, Bruce is strapped to a table. Betty and Rick (with Monkey) are ministering over him. As he regains consciousness, General Ross cuts into him condemning him and his project as a failure. Of course this makes Bruce angry and he transforms into the Hulk. He knocks General Ross aside and smashes his way out of the lab.

The General calls in the military to stop the Hulk. Rick, feeling indebted to Bruce and guilty that he caused all of this, chases after the Hulk.

The Hulks smashes the military force sent against him then leaps away from the base with Rick and Monkey on his back.

Betty cries that they need to get Bruce back somehow. Meaning something completely different, General "Thunderbolt" Ross vows that they will not rest until they do.

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