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Hulk hate big-head Leader! Him try to be all green like Hulk but just have big head! And use Abom- inashu--- other green guy Hulk hate! Them in for surprise, 'cause Hulk have friends too! Hulk is a REVENGER!!!

The Avengers battle giant sea-life at the Benchley Oceanic Research Station. In the coarse of the battle, the Hulk is stunned by the multiple stings of a giant Man O' War jellyfish. As he sinks into the ocean, Spider-Man dives in to save him.

Under water, Spider-Man and the Hulk are picked up by a submarine controlled by the Leader. His intention is for the Hulk and the Abomination (who is also aboard the vessel) to join him in his bid for world domination. He offers the Abomination the ability to become an ordinary human again, at will and the Hulk the chance to never become Banner again. Hulk simply needs to step into the Leaders machine and he will remain large and green forever.

Spider-Man warns him to not listen to the Leader, that "...there's no telling what that thing [the machine] will do...". Hulk tears a big hole in the side of the submarine and frees Spider-Man. He then Tells Spidey that he knows Spider-Man never lies to him. Before it can sink from the Hulk's hole, the Leader's submarine surfaces by his island.

The Leader sends the Abomination to clobber the Hulk. His punch sends Hulk so high into the sky that the Avengers are able to locate them. The Leader erects a force dome over the island to deflect the approaching Avengers. the Leader's forces hit the Hulk with some kind of laser cannon. Then the Abomination begins to work on ol' Spider-Man.

No that Spider-Man is out, Abomination starts on the Hulk. The Avengers can't get through the force field to help.

Wolverine has an idea. He begins taunting the Hulk from beyond the force dome. This enrages the Hulk so much that he creams the Abomination and destroys the force field transmitter in the process. The Avengers move in and defeat the Leader and Abomination.

The Abomination's last words are that he and the Hulk are no different from each other. After Giant Girl drops the submarine on Abomination's head, the Hulk says they are different, "Hulk have friends."

An episode of Mini Marvels is included at the end of the book.

The Thing has an itch on his back he can't scratch. He asks the Invisible Woman to scratch it for him. He can't even feel her scratching! He sees Wolverine walking by and calls out, "Hey Wolverine! Your mother's a bearded circus freak!".

Wolverine's claws do the trick on the itch.

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