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Martin Somers is a corrupt businessman, who illegally and forcibly evicts people from the houses standing on the sites chosen for the building of his hotels. His deeds are discovered by Joanna Pierce, a lawyer from Lamb Tenants Association, and a friend of Green Arrow. In order to avoid his companyfrom faceing a tribunal, Somers hires Constantine Drakon to kill the girl. Doing so, he causes the rage of Joanna's uncle, Black Lightning. Confronting Somers, Black Lightning hits him with a bolt, killing him. Some time later, it's discovered that the true killer of Somers was Deathstroke, hired by a rival company, but the mercenary chose to let Lightning took the blame for the murder, finding it interesting to see how the episode would have affected the hero's personality.

Other Media


Martin Somers appears in the episode ¨Honor thy Father¨ as a corrupt businessman who murdered a man threatening to testify against him for his deals with the Chinese Triad. He is on Arrow´s list of names with Everyman, Adam Hunt, Danny Brickwell, Isabel Rochev, Slingshot, and Albert Davis

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