Where do the 1,000,000 issue & 1st annual fit in (v2)

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The 1998-2001 37 (core) issue run of Martian Manhunter (vol2) -- going by the dates here on Comic Vine, both the 1 million issue & the 1st Annual (of 2) are before even the 000 issue of the series. Where do the stories in them actually fall? (If they're not isolated, that is). I could probably piece together out-of-order information in my head, but I prefer to read things in the intended order.

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You can go to comics.org and search for martian manhunter and you will see the dates for each comic.

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I think that's the same as what CV lists (which is a little confusing in this specific case) -- so I'm still wondering (and sometimes the release dates could be different from the reading order. That's even if those 2 issues fit into the main 37 issues of MM - they may not for all I know).

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The dc 1 million was a big event and all the regular titles had a 1 million issue. The martian manhunter 1 million issue was set in the far future so it does not really affect the regular title. The 1 million issue seems to be between issue 0 and issue 1. The 1st annual was part of the ghosts event in the annuals of the jla members and it is more of a jla story than a martian manhunter story and does not affect the regular series. The 1st annual seems to be around the same time as issue 0. I seem to remember they all came out around the same time when I was buying them. I did buy all of the ghosts annuals to get the complete jla story involving each of the jla members. I also remember buying all of the dc 1 million crossover issues and many of these issues were set in the future and some had no relation to the main story of dc 1 million.

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AH - thank you. It's been a while since I read JLA, I'm not sure if I read those, I'll have to look them up too.

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@lightsout: @lightsout: The 0, then the 1,000,000 issue, then issue number one are the order. They are dated October, November, and December, respectively, all in 1998. The Annual is very much a standalone story. but the fact that it's listed as a 1998 annual may mean it was released concurrently or even before the main series.

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