What would you do if you had the Martian's powers?

#1 Posted by Warman (392 posts) - - Show Bio

If you had all of the Martian Manhunter's powers what would you do?

#2 Posted by DeanwinchesterLUVSpowergirl (12 posts) - - Show Bio

Team up with Superman
#3 Posted by jloneblackheart (6014 posts) - - Show Bio

Make the world a better place. Seriously.

#4 Edited by Avenging-X-Bolt (15079 posts) - - Show Bio

whatever  fit my constantly changing whims
#5 Posted by Kallarkz (3389 posts) - - Show Bio

I do what I attempt to do everyday. 
Make the world a better place by contributing something positive to society but not aspire to be perfect. 

#6 Posted by Deranged Midget (18236 posts) - - Show Bio

@DeanwinchesterLUVSpowergirl said:

Team up with Superman
#7 Posted by fodigg (6211 posts) - - Show Bio

Whatever the hell came to mind. I could always change identities at the drop of the hat if I get bored.

#8 Posted by Agent9149 (3145 posts) - - Show Bio

id be one badA$$mofo

#9 Posted by SC (15165 posts) - - Show Bio

Shapeshift to enlarge my brain faculties and use that extra psionic power to restructure and increase my brain's proficiency to further allow my mental growth, creating an effect where slowly I accumulate more and more power and mental acuity, boosting it, my perception, logic, speed, effectiveness. Then I would use all that extra power, to figure out a way to lick my elbow. Maybe... like if I... put... my elbow... here and... no. Maybe if I phase my tongue... or lengthen my legs... what if I punch the moon and break it in half... then... 

#10 Posted by FunnyStuff707 (193 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd screw with people. Plain and simple.

#11 Posted by BlackWind (9152 posts) - - Show Bio

Use the power to make my life easier.

#12 Posted by Black_Claw (3282 posts) - - Show Bio

Turn into Hugh Hefner

#13 Posted by Hyperlight (7423 posts) - - Show Bio

probably stop people from killing other people and be a model/superhero

#14 Posted by Xorion (447 posts) - - Show Bio

probably mind my own business and use my powers for my pleasure but if I'd become a hero I would be more of an anti-hero and if people would hate me and try to blame me for everything I may even become a villain so it's better for me to mind my own business

#15 Posted by JonSmith (4338 posts) - - Show Bio

Move to Mars until I'd figured out the full extent of my abilities. Move back to Earth, locate Bill Gates, mind control him to withdraw a large sum (for anyone who ISN'T Bill Gates, it'd be trivial to him) of money, and transfer it to a bank account I could use discreetly. Replace memories of him doing so with him transferring said funds to a 'friend' of his who owns the bank account, who he never speaks to. He won't remember where he met this friend, or anything about him, but will know he liked said friend enough to give him that money. Use funds from that to fund the building of a house in a place relatively withdrawn location. Set aside other funds to gather interest.

Enjoy functional immortality and relatively infinite funds.

#16 Posted by Rumble Man (11197 posts) - - Show Bio

Go fernus and play God... zilla

#17 Posted by jobbernos (1522 posts) - - Show Bio

@DeanwinchesterLUVSpowergirl said:

Team up with Superman
#18 Posted by Mega_spidey01 (3080 posts) - - Show Bio

@BlackWind said:

Use the power to make my life easier.

also, i'd make myself Extremely wealthy.

#19 Posted by laughingbats (4 posts) - - Show Bio

i would r#pe people

#20 Edited by SUNMAN (7379 posts) - - Show Bio

whatever I wanted. I mean seriously, money wouldn't be an issue. My love life would be amazing. I could do so much good for the world and punish the wicked. It might be weird to read everyone's thoughts though I'd have to set some person rules or codes to follow

@laughingbats said:

i would r#pe people

#21 Posted by Xarcon (2 posts) - - Show Bio

I would undoubtedly use my powers for personal gain...sooo much personal gain. I'm sure I would throw in a bit of heroism as well, but it wouldn't be my primary concern.

#22 Posted by Darksider555 (499 posts) - - Show Bio

@Mega_spidey01 said:

@BlackWind said:

Use the power to make my life easier.

also, i'd make myself Extremely wealthy.

and find out what my crush is thinking right now...

#23 Posted by ComicStooge (18601 posts) - - Show Bio

@laughingbats said:

i would r#pe people

Lets hope you never get them then

#24 Posted by TheCrowbar (4397 posts) - - Show Bio

Leave Earth.

#25 Posted by BlackWind (9152 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd be running up in people's houses stealing their money.

I'm not joking.

#26 Posted by StrangeMan (412 posts) - - Show Bio

Have multiple alter egos and superhero personas, also mess around with people just for the hell of it.

#27 Posted by Fallen_Crippled (6474 posts) - - Show Bio

Control the minds of the government to reduce gas prices... seriously, payed $45 to fill up 1/2 tank.

#28 Posted by WonderHunter (131 posts) - - Show Bio

I would conquer the world.

Nah, just kidding. I would actually try to make the world a better place. Seriously

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