Martian Manhunters current status

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Is Martian Manhunter dead....yet AGAIN? 
I hope not because i was really hoping on DC coming out with a short mini series with him this year.

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Martian Manhunter is one of my favourite characters, possibly my favourite DC character. 
I sure hope they do something with him, but it would maybe make his funeral they gave him look like it was in vain and kinda take it's purpose if it happened a second time.

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Ahh ok. Someone had told me that they just recently killed him a second time and i just *sighed* 

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we're going to have to wait for Brightest Day to end to find out what's going on with the 12 heroes and villains who were resurrected

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So currently in Brightest Day MM is walking around (ALIVE) with his white ring?
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I do as well Icarus. 
Epic character with a great history.
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@Kallarkz: ….Huh? Don't quite follow that... 
But I do like the Martian Manhunter. My favorite issue with him was when Booster Gold and Blue Beetle stole his Chocos. Good times. 

The Great Choco Heist
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lol nice picture 
I meant that i hope that it will be reversed as well and that he was a real good character

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@Kallarkz: Oooh, okay. 
Well, all the characters designated for 're-absorption' are the main ones…the Hawks, MM, Firestorm, Aquaman. 
Basically the ones that they wouldn't leave dead. If it had been the OTHER group (Maxwell Lord, Osiris, etc.) it wouldn't have been too surprising for them to stay gone. But not this batch. They'll be back soon.
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MM is by far my favorite dc character. i hope they don't take long in bringing him back for a reasonable amount of time.
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What ended up happening to him btw now that BD is over?

(Stopped reading a bit back...wasn't capturing my whole interest)
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@mathematicscore said:

well glad that hes gone through some changes. hopefully he'll get more face time.

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