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@CitizenBane: Many thanks! :)

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I would like to contribute

  • Jonn has just fought Asmodel,lord of Heaven for seven pages,yet he still helps lift the heavenly chariot,despite it setting him aflame the instant he touches it.

Despite being surronded by fire still manages to wreck a large piece of machinery

Destroys Vandall Savage's super tanks like nothing

Here Jonn traps the White martians in an inferno in an attempt to coax them back into the phantom zone. it's even more impressive that Jonn survives despite a weakness to flame.

Durability stands up to Asmodel's attacks.

Neat Shapeshifting.

Tanks Napalm Bomb showing fire resistance

Jonn flys across a city and inbetween a man and some bullets in the time it takes the bullets to get even halfway.He then speedblitzes the robots,cutting them in half.

Overiding the drug that made Aquaman hydrophobic with TP

Now,here we have Jonn using his telepathy to override the Worlogog,a universal artifact,control over Jemm and using him to beat Luthor.

Able to put the League to sleep and take them to the dream world

Holds back Asmodel's forces alone

Here we see Jonn battle a robot that is specifically designed to battle and defeat Martians.Jonn casually catches a missle and explodes it in his hand,and when he gets serious he destroys that sucker.

Misc feats

Super Breath and Tossing Guy

Praying mantis form

Breaks open a mountain so he can store some statues he carved

This is a fairly awesome shapeshifting feat,as Jonn literally merges with the ship so that it can dodge the energy blasts,he also creates another head to talk with and sends out a telepathic shout that breaches the mental barriers of every Saturnian there.

Trash Talking

Trash talks Spectre

Trash talks Abin Sur

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One more scans a bit off

in JLA Golden Perfect.When every leaguer is reality warped(including Supes)Jonn is the only one bar Diana who isn't affected by the reality warp.When Diana asks how he is fine Jonn states"My more linear view off reality protects me".

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Can't believe i missed this! This is such an elaborate showing of his powers. Awesome job!

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Awesome thread

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@TheAcidSkull said:

@CitizenBane said:

@TheAcidSkull: Depends on how the encounter goes down. Superman is generally at least a notch above the rest of the Class 100 DC characters, and if Supes and MMH fought in a purely physical/strength-only encounter, I'd say Superman would eventually win. J'onn has matched or defeated characters in that weight class like Captain Marvel and Triumph, so he's not a pushover by any means. If you add abilities like shapeshifting and intangibility, J'onn would win because those are Martian abilities that have been used very effectively against Superman and characters like him (as an example, there are scans on this thread where J'onn uses his shapeshifting to fight Orion, Wonder Woman and Barda simultaneously, Orion alone is easily Superman's equal in terms of strength). Green Martians aren't more powerful than White Martians as a rule or vice versa. A White Martian can do anything a Green Martian can do, but the White Martian's likelihood of winning a fight against a powerful opponent is significantly higher because their race is, in general, extremely violent and warlike in comparison to the more pacifistic Greens.

wow, thanks for your answer. it's very interesting because miss martain is a white martian , yet as far as i've seen her she is quite normal like jhon. I know( i've heard from you) that mm soloed the justice league at least three times or so, was this from pure TK or did he use physical means? ( sorry if you have already the scans on your blog, i wasn't yet able to read it thoroughly to the end)

Miss M fights against her inborn White Martian savagery and embraces her sweet side. its one of the things that makes her awesome.

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Justice League of America #2: Uses telepathy to manipulate the White House guards into letting an assassin into the building, then kills the assassin by phasing a hand into his skull.

It's also shown that he's the one secretly behind the formation of the JLA, having planted the thought in Amanda Waller's head.

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Pre-52 showing:

Wonder Woman #174: Superman vs Sebastian Ballasteros. Does not go well for Superman.

Wonder Woman #175: Martian Manhunter vs Sebastian Ballasteros. Does not go well for Ballasteros.

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Seems like it was not MM's only win against Despero. :D

New 52

Justice League #20

Martian Manhunter single handily defeated Despero.

Love the thread, and felt like I had to get in on this love.

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@myronloyola: take a look in new 52 Martian Manhunter respect thread too

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JLA Classified #32: Shields the minds of the entire JLA from Doctor Destiny, right after he dominated the minds of everyone else on Earth.

DC 2000 #1: While being tortured by fire, J'onn still keeps his mind blocked from the Spectre (Jim Corrigan edition) who tries to find out what he's doing in 1941 but fails, remarking that the Martian's mental blocks are superhuman.

DC 2000 #2: Later the Spectre traps the League in a magic orb, which is broken when J'onn connects Batman's mind to Corrigan's to disrupt his concentration.

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MM is fine with killing?

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MM is fine with killing?

He'll kill if necessary and it won't plague his conscience if it had to be done, but it's usually the last resort for him. He killed his own brother to stop him from attacking the League, and in Brightest Day he killed D'Kay because she was an imminent threat to Earth.

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Martian Manhunter is a beast.

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@citizenbane: About the Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Superman and Wally taking action at speeds faster than thought. In the next issue Barda confirms that Wally lent all of them his speed, not just Hippolyta.

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What issue was it where J'onn faces the white martians and puts them away in the phantom zone?

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Dang this is comprehensive

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Damn, excellent work! MMH is a total badass, heh.

But um, the images aren't opening here anymore. Any idea what this is?

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i need more feats like manhunter needs Oreos

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Nice thread.

J'on is easily one of the most underrated characters in comics.

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Just came across this thread, wow, what an awesome all rounder is Martian Manhunter!!

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@saren: This is the most impressive Respect Thread I've ever seen! Awesome work. Martian Manhunter truly kicks ass


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