Justice League: Doom - Martian Manhunter question.

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There will be spoilers below -

In the new Justice League: Doom film the Legion of Doom is creating a plan of how to eliminate/stop the JL. Ma'alefa'ak is trying to take out J'onn with some kind of flamable chemical that sets him on fire.. yadda, yadda, yadda... point is MM is set on fire and is running around all over the place in pain, eventually the fire is put out and J'onn returns to normal. Back to Ma'alefa'ak when he sees J'onn back to his former self he says something the lines of ''But he should be on fire for weeks'', this is where i get confused... Isnt fire supposed to Kill martians? Does it simply inhibit then? Not kill them?... that seems kinda stupid.

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Martians are only psychologically weak to fire, fire affects them the same way it would affect anyone else in comics. The Guardians implanted a safe guard in Martians that would force them to be petrified of fire in order to prevent them from ever becoming The Burning ever again (explained in the JLA series)

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Right.. okay, thanks for the answer... i have a few follow up questions then ;)

So Martians all essentially have arsonphobia (fear of fire)? When you say that ''fire affects them the same way it would affect anyone else in comics'' i assume it hurts like it would hurt me, but is that the same reason J'onn is able to ''tank'' the fire for as long as he does because of his crazy high natural durability? By the way.. would you happend to know what episode that is been explained.

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@Skunkstein: I would assume his durability to fire is on par with someone like superman. It doesn't really affect him but since J'onn is so scared of it, it sort've hurts him more since its mind raping him scared shitless. I don't recall where it's explained of why The Guardians did this to the Martians but I believe it's explained in the JLA story arc where J'onn lerans to get over his fear of fire. (Which is what causes him to transform into a Martians true state --The Burning.) Just search either The Burning or Fernus on CV or here and it will explain it better.

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J'onn's weakness to fire has been portrayed a number of different ways, and it sounds like here they are following the more modern take, that it is mostly in his head and therefore mostly incapacitates him. You're right to be confused though, reading a silver age story and then a bronze age story and then a modern age story you'll get three different portrayals of the weakness.

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: @mathematicscore: @Skunkstein:

Weakness of fire created by the Guardians:

Martian Manhunter overcoming that weakness:

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@majestic99: Which leads him to becoming The Burning, a super evil dude. Point?

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I just wanted to show the scans to prove I wasn't making anything up.

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@majestic99: Ahh, well, I knew Martians could over come their fear, so it didn't matter to me :P

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I just decided to put up scans for everyone who wanted proof. It's cool:)

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Once again, Martian Manhunter only overcame a PARTIAL part of that fear. There are still fires that can harm him. (at least the pre-flashpoint M.M)

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