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How did he become Fernus?, how big of a power upgrade did he get?, and scans of Manhunter as Fernus.

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He became Fernus when he overcame his pyrophobia.  The pyrophobia had been genetically added by the Guardians of the Universe into the Martians to prevent them from turning back into the aggressive Burning Martians, whom the Guardians saw as a threat to order.  When J'onn innocently worked with Scorch to overcome these blocks, which he understood to be largely psychological, he accidentally released Fernus from his genetic memory.   
As for a power upgrade, aside from a more "unleashed" attitude, he didn't exhibit any new powers, he just wasn't holding back.  Manhunter is pretty much unstoppable when he wants to be, no matter what Jeph Loeb says.
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"How did he become Fernus?, how big of a power upgrade did he get?, and scans of Manhunter as Fernus. "

In addition to what the guy above me said, Fernus was mind controlling nearly every person in the world. World leaders were signing treaties, normal people were acting strangely nice, and the entirety of Arkham Asylum was in tears at the crimes they had commited (giving Batman much joy). There was a possible power boost, since J'onn had trouble holding Joker's mind sane individually, but Fernus had all of Arkham sane, and all of the world under his control. Lex Luthor was comatose and reliving unspeakable horrors, while unable to scream. He effortlessy trounced the JLA, even Batman ran out of ideas on how to handle him (except for his last plan: Plastic Man). Only Green Lantern was able to harm him after being given secret knowledge by the guardians, and even then his advantage only lasted less than 60 seconds. 
J'onn was coaxed out ofhis mind-made prison and put a stop to Fernus (with help from the JLa, Plas, and Scorch), but said that he'd be back.

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