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Brief History

Marshal met Marvin Hoffman as a young man. The two friends began healthily competing, but it lead to a huge fall-out between the two. They were able to reach common enough grounds to form their incarnation of The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Almost immediately after, the team disbanded because Hoffman became power-hungry. Marshal eventually became an agent for the government, bent on taking Hoffman out.

The next time Marshal appeared was at Barksdale Air Force Base, where he spoke with a survivor of a recent Brotherhood attack. Before he had a chance, the base was destroyed by an unknown source. As he watched the base burn to cinders, he realized it was now up to him (and him alone) to capture "X."

He was later seen offering his services in finding Malon Reeves, daughter of Malcolm Reeves, who had been captured by London Cell of the Brotherhood. His initial investigation led him to discovering former fellow team member, Bela, skulking around the Reeves' estate, making quick work of him. As he tortured Bela for answers, his lackeys found that Bela had not been working alone. Fiona, another member of the defunct Brotherhood was captured as well. He stated that if they gave him "X," their lives would be spared. Bryson Bale soon appeared to save his one-time colleagues, catalyzing a fierce battle between he and Malcolm Reeves. Marshal watched on, telling Malon that if she helped him search for "X," she could undo the unfortunate situation.

All of these events led up to Marshal declaring that "X" was the leader of the Brotherhood, and he planned to usurp the throne of the current "X," Marvin Hoffman. Meanwhile, Marshal had hired Orwell (Hoffman's second in command) to keep an eye on Hoffman for him. When Hoffman uncovered Marshal's plan and Orwell's betrayal, he shot a massive energy beam with Marshal as the intended target, but Marshal dodged it and it hit Orwell instead. While Marshal and Hoffman fought, they failed to notice a stream of Michael Asher's blood leading from them to several tons of TNT. The two were killed in the blast, along with Asher.

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