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Joe Gilmore is Marshal Law, a government-sanctioned vigilante who hunts super heroes, so called cape killer. He is disgruntled vet who fought in "The Zone", a South American war that U.S.A was involved. He is in fact a superhero himself.

The government altered the men who fought in The Zone by making them super soldiers. They were implanted with bio-electronics that made them unable to feel pain and also any kind of human empathy. Because they were unable to feel pain, they felt the need to inflict it to others. Lot of them also went crazy and/or got uncontrollable superpowers. Gilmore served in this elite unit called The Screaming Eagles.

When he returned home to San Futuro, the city was in ruins after a big earthquake, "The Big One", and Gilmore realized that his experiences as a super soldier had left him hating superheroes as phonies and fakes. He tried to control the rogue supes as a superhero called THE VET, but then the city officials offered him a job as vigilante.

He became Marshal Law, a vigilante that is specialized in hunting any superheroes gone wrong. In his work he uses kinky S/M:ish outfits, big nasty guns and nihilistic attitude. He truly hates superheroes and loves his job. He operates from a secret police precinct that is located underneath the city, he has two sidekicks, Danny, who is in wheel-chair and gigantic Kiloton. Danny works as Law´s computer operator and Kiloton as muscle.

His civil identity is unemployed Joe Gilmore who has a girlfriend named Lynn, who also hates superheros but also Marshal Law, who she thinks is a fascist pig and probably gay.

Marshal Law is very strong, having the strength to lift a car over his head and throw it 20 feet

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