Why Marrow was a good character

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So I was making a list earlier featuring X-Women and, even though she was a little down on the list, I had to get Marrow in there, and that got me thinking about her.

I met the character about the same time I got into reading X-Men comics, since I started just after Zero Tolerance. I was never too attached to her nor can I say she's one of my favorite characters ever, but I do think she had a lot of wasted potential that a certain beloved author just flushed down the toilet for nostalgia's sake.

Marrow had a very unique power, her bones grew without control and she had to rip them off her body from time to time. As such, she used them as weapons, and, coupled with a healing factor that was capable of immediately and fully healing the wound that ripping a bone out of your body would cause, and a feral fighting style as a result of a hard life, she was quite the powerful fighter. She even defeated Wolverine at his own game once.

That was another thing that stood out from her. How many X-Girls before her went down and got their hands dirty? Most are manipulators... mind manipulators, energy manipulators, weather manipulators... kind of a statement in male perception of the female, if you think about it.

Going on with ways in which she was unique, there's her personality. She was downright hostile and mean at times, insulting pretty much everyone on the team and their mother and just basically being a pain in the ass, I guess. However when we could read her thoughts, we saw that she was overcompensating for hard childhood growing up as a Morlock, then surviviving the mutant massacre, then living alone in the sewers with Callisto. She resented surface-dwellers but also was afraid of being rejected on account of her physical appearance. She admired beauty, be it in the form of Angel, whom she saved from Abomination, or in the form of Colossus' art, and though she appeared hateful, she actually grew to care quite a bit for her teammates, and never hesitated to do an X-man's duty, even if the children she would save called her a monster.

But, let's face it, and we all knew this, she was doomed to fail as a character for the simple fact that she wasn't everyone's standard for beauty. Quickly, how many popular women in comics can you list that could be described as ugly, deformed or unpleasing to the eye in any other way? Oh, they tried to remedy this, by giving her a make-over courtesy of alien technology, that left her still with several bone-growths but in a much more femenine and delicate manner. Not long after that, she was forgotten about entirely and seldom heard-of again.

She was also a perfect example of a "tsundere" character, that is to say, a character that internally longs for someone or something, (could be love, could be acceptance) yet on the outside she can't help but to act though, hostile or mean. Think of Helga on the Hey, Arnold! show and you'll see what I mean.

Unfortunetely, Sarah was too much of a risky character, to radical of change from other X-Girls that came before her, and so, she couldn't last long. Oh, Marrow is still around, though she is depowered, but still fighting the good fight, so in a way, I guess she has been more successful than her peers introduced alongside her: Maggot and Cecilia Reyes; not to mention she appeared in the X-Men Legends game and in Marvel vs Capcom, so I guess you could say that for her. However, X-Men Evolution came along and she was replaced by a stereotypical character with an attitude who didn't had to worry about his physical appearance since he could control his power fully. All this because god forbid there be an unatractive main female character on TV.

Anyways, this was just a rant, aimed at explaining what I think were the best points of her character, and helping those few interested in her to learn more about her when they visit her page here. All in all, I think she was a perfect example of how people tolerate weird, bizarre and strange-looking superpowered people, so long as they are attractive and pleasant. I've seen her featured on lists about "Worst X-Men ever" and I respectfully disagree. She was the example that a mutant woman who didn't look like a model could still lay down her life for Xavier's dream.

As a finisher and as an example of the "tsundere" character trait: She had a huge crush on Cannonball and, when she saw him approaching her, whilst getting nervous and blushing, she couldn't think of anything more appropiate to say than this:

Ain't she cute?
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I loved classic Marrow! and agree with many of your points.

Oh how I miss this girl :(

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Indeed, I think she left a bit of a gap. I also forgot to mention her being featured in WOLVERINE *lightning and echo effect* and the x-men *whisper*. Which I guess redeems her being replaced by Spike in Evolution.

Here's to Marrow some day, somehow making a comeback!

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I don't know if I agree with you points but I do hate how Marvel creates characters and then just gets rid of them within a short time for no good reason.

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@Lion_Heart22: I know Marrow has her problems, but it never seems to be her fault, so as far as I'm concerned, Marrow is still a sympathetic character and deserves better than to be simply forgotten about forever!

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