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Maro was created by Batwoman writers JH Williams III and Haden Blackman and introduced in Batwoman #6.

Powers & Abilities

Maro is a warlock capable of bringing folktales and urban legends to life. However he cannot simply conjure them out of thin air. His power relies on a shared belief in a particular legend. In the case of La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) many residents of Gotham's barrio believed the story of a ghostly woman who kidnapped disobedient children was true. Maro was able to recreate the origin of the folktale and thus truly create the ghost of La Llorona to do his bidding. Similarly he was able to bind the spirits of the infamous Bloody Mary and the Hook Man (Ashoth) and use them to combat Batwoman and the D.E.O.

Finding A Host For Ashoth
Subjugating La Llorona
Maro conjures Bloody Mary
Mutating Killer Croc

Maro is also capable of transmuting physical appearance. Drawing from a longstanding belief of mutated crocodiles in the Gotham sewer system, he mutated Killer Croc to an even further extent as well as causing Waylon to resemble the ferocity and strength of the Ancient Egyptian god Sobek.

However Maro's magic does not seem dependent on a collective belief in folktales if he himself is the subject of a spell or incantation. For example Maro deceived both Batwoman and Cameron Chase into believing he was a female Medusa agent named Sune who had defected to the D.E.O. While in Sune's form Maro claimed he did in fact have a sister named Sune. It is currently unknown if this is truly the case.


Maro's transformation from Sune to Maro.

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