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Marluxia is a member of the Nobody group Organization XIII, he was brought in by veteran member Xigbar. In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, he and Larxene are plotting to overthrow the Organization using the Nobody of Kairi (Namine) to make changes to Sora's memory. He tells Axel to kill Vexen when the Riku replica cannot kill Sora; Larxene also tries but fails ultimatly ending in her own demise. Axel exposes Marluxia for turning on the Organization and prepares to fight him, but Marluxia ascends to the 13th foor of castle oblivion and tells Namine to destroy Sora's memories. She tells him no then he threatens to kill her. Sora agrees she should destroy his memories so he can protect her then the Riku replica appears prompting Marluxia to fight Sora. Sora realizes Marluxia is also a replica, so he finds the real one and kills him. In the manga Marluxia dosen't use an alternate form and is easily killed by Sora.

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