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Mark is an avid user of the Infinite vacation app he averages 9.7 life change in a day and he is part of the top 20% users of the app. The app lets him bid and live out his life in alternate universes. The only problem is that he always ends up at a dead end job. His life is changed when he realizes many versions of himself keep on dying.


Mark and all the different versions of him are created by Nick Spencer and Christian Ward.

Different versions

LIFE SHARE Mark: Lived in a universe where you're only allowed to watch your life not trade it. This is the version of Mark who listened to his roommate and opened s surf shop in Fiji, he is the only Mark who seemed to have figured out his life. This Mark got killed while his shop was being robbed.

REDNECK Mark: This is what Mark would have turned in to if his father got custody of him at 12. He lives in Alabama, likes racinng and watching his dog having sex

Hacker Mark: steals the identity of all the other Marks

Nudist Mark

Pedophile Mark: is arrested because Hacker led them to believe that he is the original Mark

Singularist Mark: Does not believe in using the Infinite vacation app, he does not have a car and has to be driven to the Singularist meetings

Detective Mark: Hired by the Infinite Vacation HQ to find original Mark

Cannibal Mark: He is from a universe where the residents have taken up cannibalism and are eating the residents of the other realms

Married Mark: The Mark that settled down and got married to Claire. 5 yrs and they have a child

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