LBCC '09: Mark Waid Interview Part 2 of 2

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Comic Vine interviews the Editor-in-Chief of Boom! Studios

This may have been my favorite interview of the convention (after Stan Lee, of course) because it was so candid! Enjoy part two of my interview with Boom! Studios Editor-in-Chief and writer of 'Irredeemable,' Mark Waid! If you have not yet seen the first part, you can do so here.
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He is a very intelligent man. You asked some really good questions as well which made it way more interesting than if it was just talk about what he was doing. Instead you asked his thought process behind them and motivation, that was a really great interview.

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Mark Waid is the man.

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This is one of the best interviews comicvine have done yet!

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@Media_Master said:
" This is one of the best interviews comicvine have done yet! "
Thank you so much!
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You are really professional Babs, I wouldn't have beeen able to interview him. I would have been completely star struck.
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Mark Waid is a guy who gets it. He gets comics. If only there were more writers like him at DC.   
I would put him at Alan Moore level.
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A pox on your house if you haven't read Irredeemable. Kidding of course.
Mark Waid is the exception to the saying, "Don't meet your heroes (see John Byrne)...cause they'll disappoint you." He is such a humble guy in person. I credit him more than Johns for making Wally West into arguably the better Flash than Barry Allen. When he returned to Flash, a lot of Flash fans hated his family chapter but I loved it. To me, the Flash is all about family and preparing the next generation to carry the baton. It was also refreshing to have a lighter chapter after so many dark epic moments.
Irredeemable is a clever take on Superman. Sure, Tomasi's the Mighty has the same concept going on but Irredeemable has some downright cruel but hysterical moments. For example, the Plutonian starts reading nasty e-mails from the public and makes an example of a few jerks. There are a few "Oh crap!" moments like making someone choose a few survivors before allowing a tsunami to wipe out millions of people. Just dark...very dark.

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