theacidskull's The Green Hornet #1 - The Sting review

Not A Hero, A Stinger!

Mark Waid has a habit of making everything awesome , and while personally i admit that i have never really liked green hornet that much, i had to pick this up just because i saw the name MARK WAID in the right corner of the cover, and it wasn't a mistake, in fact i might keep picking this up!

First of , the art is amazing, the details are amazingly cool and it has a cool interesting feel when you go from page to page. The Character design is amazing, especially for green hornet and Kato, not to mention the fact that the actions scenes are simply baffling when mixed with the story !

As for The Plot, Waid brings new elements into the book, and it is extremely well executed. Green hornet is playing on both sides of the chess board, he tries to learn more and do more work while pretending to be a villain, which leads to many interesting things, and personally, i see a lot of potential in this, one that could be developed As time passes and the future arcs come flowing in.

The Self narrative was one thing that really stood out in this issue, it feels really amazing when you hear Green hornet talk, makes it feel like an old detective movie in some ways, not to mention the fact that it mixes well with the plot.

In short, this was an awesome issue, and though i might not be a green hornet fan , this first issue has convinced me that reading this will be a blast, which is what waid always does well !

Recombination: STING! ( thats means yes in hornet language)

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