What's with all the Mark Millar hate?

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So I was listening to the podcast from a few weeks ago and Sara and the other dude were bagging on Millar during the show..

He is personally one of my favorite writers as I think the work he's done in the Ultimates and Ultimate Fantastic Four has been fantastic..

Do a lot of people here not like Millar? If you feel that way what do you usually not like about his books?

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I don't know. Personally, I'm not fan... but I'm not a hater. I've enjoyed some of his work, but his work tends to polarise people except people mistake his work for him... so most people either love him or hate him.

But for now, I'll just let NextWave say it for me... ;)

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I still love his writing. It's the unchecked ego I can't stand. He's selling the stories to his creator owned work before the comic has even been written. If he wants to just make movies he should do it and quit comics. The comics have become a sideline for his movie work. AH! but I love him trying to make the US realise there is a European market again.

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I`m conflicted of his work. I like it because he has guite great ideas (allthough his work is also clicheic, but whos wouldn`t be?) , but don`t like it because of all the violence and goryness.  His Ultimate Captain America and Ultimate Hulk pretty much are at the peaks of being all that, but somehow they`re also realistic. Cap is a soldier, and Hulk a monster. Even if I haven`t seen but few Ultimates-panels, I know this much.  
I like his work on Superman adventures, `cause those stories aren`t too dark and violent.   

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My personal view of Millar is that his work is violence and profanity for the sake of "ha ha, I put it in a comic because I can!"  That's the entire premise to Kick-Ass, and Superior suffers for it.  Also, I was completely put off by his Wizard interview (#228 - an issue Millar guest edited), which told us really nothing about the comic, but made sure to tell us what he thinks he's done for "the Superman archetype."  From reading the first issue, I'd say all he's "done" is add profanity to the mix.  Big whoop. 
Bottom line: the guy's an @$$, pandering to the lowest form of comics, in order to promote his Hollywood ambitions.  He's a blight on comics, in my not so nice opinion.

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I appreciate his work, but he's kinda' a tool. Then again, I don't read his work for who he is but what he writes so I don't really care if he's a douche or not.

#7 Posted by Jake Fury (21385 posts) - - Show Bio

iLLituracy summed it up nicely.
#8 Posted by Caligula (12661 posts) - - Show Bio

I like pretty much everything he writes.
He's one of the very few writers out there doing anything fresh. Especially with things like Nemesis and Superior

#9 Posted by Jake Fury (21385 posts) - - Show Bio

His Fantastic Four was very good too.
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I like some of his stuff (Civil War, Kick Ass, Wolverine) but I think recently the whole violence and gore aspect has gotten a bit played out with his work and actually works against some of the clever ideas he's had. He's always had an element of darkness and violence in his work though. I remember reading him way back when he wrote for 2000AD. Red Razors was pretty dark and blackly comic (for the time anyway).

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2000 AD fans give his Dredd work the name Super Dredd. Here is a typical story.

  • Awesome Villain #194 commits an awesome crime and kills a bunch of people (higher the body-count the better, plus bonus points for killing Judges).
  • Super Dredd tracks down Awesome Villain down to a blown up warehouse/hospital/nursery/shop.
  • Awesome Villain spends a page saying how awesome s/he is.
  • Super Dredd defeats Awesome Villain in a way that makes only him look more awesome.
  • Repeat each and every week.

Then there was his Robo-Hunter reboot. Lets just say it is so hated that when they collected and reprinted that era's Robo-Hunter comics they decided it would be better to ignore it completely.

As for his American work he still works on the "this is an awesome idea lets write that without really think how I should do it". Sometimes it works but mostly it fails in really simple ways like how Kick Ass becomes what it is trying to riff.

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Don't know but, I like what I've read, which admittedly isn't much.

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I like a few a books by him, but I won't delve on that.
The thing that is important is how does he feel about any put downs when he's on the way to the bank to cash the sizable check
he has due to the great success he is currently enjoying. The point being, you may hear or read a few people saying he or his work
are unsatisfactory, but the numbers he pulls in means those opinions are in the minority one way or another.

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Overall I love most of his books at Marvel (Ultimates 1 and 2, Old Man Logan, Civil War, and from what I've seen of his run on Fantastic Four seems great as well.) He's a great writer with some good ideas and can write a comic like it's a movie (just read The Ultimates which is now being used as a building block for The Avengers movie) but his over the top use of bad language ruins most of his books for me. Even though I love the book, Old Man Logan would have been twice as better if there was less cursing in it.

#15 Posted by Billy Batson (59328 posts) - - Show Bio

Haters gonna hate. 


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