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Hello Everyone,

Issue #2 of the series by Millar/Harris is out and I wanted to get a discussion going on the issue and series.

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Didn't pick this series up. I'm guessing you think it's worth reading if you want to discuss it. What is it about and why do you like it (or not)?

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Thanks for mentioning it. I went back and read issue two (didn't see 1 or I would have gotten that, I hate reading issues out of order) and I think it's pretty cool. Basic concept for those not reading: the American military is giving those enlisted special power pills (each granting a different power) and training them as soldiers before shipping them off to fight. That's the main thing, but the real story is apparently about a group of criminals that plan on stealing the pills for a purpose that's not obvious right away and which I won't spoil for you.

With the superhero registration question (on the site and relatively recently in comics) both the main story and the direction of the world of the comic could both be discussed.
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I did read issue one (I think in my hotel at Comic-Con).  I liked it.  It's basically a superheroes in "real life" type thing.  I haven't read issue 2 even though I keep looking at the cover when I walk by my desk (at home).

Here's something I posted about it.  A reprint of #1 was supposed to come out last month.


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