Obama's Reading Superior?

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 Incriminating evidence?

We all know that Obama’s gone on record to say that he’s a collector (or, at least, has been a collector) of SPIDER-MAN and CONAN comics. There was also that photo of him striking a Superman pose in front of the Man of Steel’s statue in Metropolis, IL and dropping some serious Krypton lore during a speech.  With all that in mind, I suppose it really isn’t too out of the question to believe that he could be reading Mark Millar and Leinil Yu’s new comic SUPERIOR.  

And this pic would certainly seem ot evidence that, wouldn’t it? It’s hard to argue with a photograph.

Don’t believe everything you see, of course.  

 The real photo.

What see you above is doctored version of this photo. Seems like Obama was reading up on a little dryer subject… Lincoln. Bleeding Cool’s collected these photos from a few message boards and called Mark Millar out as being behind the trickery. If he is, indeed, responsible, then this wouldn’t be too different from a similar stunt he pulled in the spring where he made it look like NEMESIS was being advertised on billboards in Times Square.    

There’s been no confirmation, of course, but if you follow the “Cui bono?” line of reasoning, then Millar would definitely be the one to benefit the most from this potential viral meme. == TEASER ==

Some people have a problem with this kind of thing but, myself, I see it as just part of the kind of showmanship that can make comics so much fun. Maybe Millar's crossing some previously-avoided lines but, in a lot of ways, this is very much the modern equivalent of the kind of wonderfully hyperbolic promotion Stan Lee was doing in the 60s. Swap a letter column soap box for a Tweet deck and the similarities are a lot more pronounced.

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Mark Millar, Attention Whore, strikes again.

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Obama looks pissed in that superman picture.

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lol nice.

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Our President is such a nerd.... 
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I don't know who seeks more attention: 
Mark Millar? 
Or LeBron James? 
Either way, it's got our attention.
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Not a huge fan of Millar really but I do enjoy his tounge in cheek approach, not taking things too seriously.  You can see how he and Jonathan Ross are friends!

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Mark Millar ftw

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Idk now a days anyone who knows Photoshop could do it, and I would say a good amount of people who are fans of Millar know photoshop.  

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Lincoln? Boring.

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He should read the comic instead
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I think we all know the REAL truth. He was hiding a copy of Nemesis in that Lincoln book.

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Actually it 's pretty noticeably shopped 

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a doctored picture in and of itself isn't too big a deal. It's the context it gets used in and whether the poster intends the viewer to believe it's undoctored or doesn't acknowledge that it's not an original. It's a lot like using a quote or statement from someone else without acknowledging the sources, if you try to pass something off as your own or original and it's not, someone is eventually going to call you on it.

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it would be funnier if he were carrying a copy of kickass.

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Haha! :D

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Haha! That's clever! :D  I knew it was doctored, though. Everyone knows President Obama reads Marvel. Viva la Photoshop!
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millar is a sucka,
he should stop writing to the lowest common denominator,
he writes well when he puts himself to it

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well he has been in enough comic books himself haha

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