Mark Millar's Superhero Film Revealed

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Guess who's directing a super-hero film? He wrote Kick-Ass, Wanted, and Marvel's Civil War: Mark Millar. SuperHeroHype recently reported on the developments.
The rundown for the upcoming film goes like this: "Set in contemporary Scotland, this dark, unique superhero story focuses on a group of animal rights activists who break into a low-level research laboratory to find a mile-long underground base owned and facilitated by the US government.

"Described as The X-Men meets Trainspotting, Miracle Park breaks all the taboos of superhero cinema and offers a completely new take on the genre.

"The movie is shot entirely on a hand-held camera, establishing a tone more consistent with Paranormal Activity or The Last Exorcism than a traditional superhero release.

"Miracle Park is chilling, violent and a totally new experience in cinema. Miracle Park starts where other superhero movies draw the line."

"Principal photography finishes at the end of October and Millar expects to be in post-production until January when the teaser trailer will be released."  

If you're familiar with Millar's work, then you know this will most likely be rated R, and the film will be filled with violence and cuss words that would make your grandpappy cry. I don't know how to really feel about this flick. It personally doesn't really grab my attention, even though I really like the title. But, you never can be too sure until we see a trailer or watch the actual movie, so I'll probably end up seeing the film. How will Millar do as a director? He's never directed a film before. This will be the second time in recent history that we've seen a comic book writer turn into a director, the first being Frank Miller for 300 and The Spirit. Let's hope this film and Mark Millar are a lot more successful than The Spirit. What do you guys think? Will you check out this film?
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Wow, this sounds totally no.

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I don't like the sound of this.
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I have serious doubts about this films. But who knows? It might be good.I don't know if I will check it out. But I hate when movies are made with hand-held cameras. I know they want to bring realism into the movie but I don't like it.

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boo, no

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What does any of that have to do with superheroes?
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Wow... well good luck. I have no interest, none.

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@dondasch said:
" Wow, this sounds totally no. "
couldnt agree more
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I think Mark Millar believes everything he does has to do with superheroes 
stemming from the fact that he's an idiot, mostly
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Yeah no.

#10 Posted by Astroknot (90 posts) - - Show Bio

No thank you Mr Millar, no thank you.

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@Shadowdoggy said:
I think Mark Millar believes everything he does has to do with superheroes stemming from the fact that he's an idiot, mostly "

Ah, I see.
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Wow, this sounds totally awesome. I'll check out almost anything with Millars name on it so count me in!

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You lost me at "Mark Millar". Also, mandatory Kane & Lynch 2 reference for the "hand-held camera" style.

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Will wait till I see the trailer before making a decision, but too much hand held camera work gives me a headache and makes me queasy.  I wish movie makers would realize that a good portion of their audience are not good sailors.
@Aronmorales said:
" What does any of that have to do with superheroes? "
Maybe they get they powers from something in the base, or someone in the base has powers?  Don't know, but the pitch reminds me of the beginning of 28 Days.
#15 Posted by Shadowdoggy (3868 posts) - - Show Bio
glad I could shed some light on that for you
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@Rheged: Yeah, you are right. That's how 28 Days started.
#17 Posted by Aronmorales (9724 posts) - - Show Bio
I would think that the base would be responsible, makes sense.
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Ah i see, so its like an ok to domestic terrorism (animal rights activists) meets cloverfield, with wildly anti-American undertones. When is the hand-held idea not going to be "new" anymore. I mean Scorsese pretty much nailed it in Mean Streets. Just because its off stedi-cam doesn't make it novel.
The proof of his talent is waning. Kick-Ass squeaked by as successful to me. And frankly his writing is rather flat and empty. imo.
Wanna read something good? Check out King City or anything Jason writes. Or American Born Chinese. Or Batman and Robin - by Morrison et al., or Northlanders by Wood for some blood and vikings. 
Im frankly getting tired of these "shock-jocks" of comics, such that Millar is proving himself to be... generation nexts' Ennis.
Id like to add... Of course on the other hand -  different strokes for different folks. And that's why comics are fun, but to me... this sounds like garden variety shock & awe.

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It sounds okay. I'd like to see a trailer or a plot summary that tells me a little more. 

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"I'm frankly getting tired of these "shock-jocks" of comics. " 
quote of the day, my friend 
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Why is this film called "superhero"? Will it have secret identities, costumes, supervillains or anything like that?

#22 Posted by Mediant (366 posts) - - Show Bio

Undoubtedly a wait-and-see situation.

#23 Posted by thesixfour (13 posts) - - Show Bio
@Shadowdoggy:  Cheers!
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"A new take on the genre."
Everything Millar does is a new take on the genre. Alas, that new take is usually leaving out a plot in exchange profanity and gore that his audience is getting more and more desensitized to.

#25 Posted by Emerald Dragonfly (225 posts) - - Show Bio

millar goes to hell.

#26 Posted by Bobby X (1149 posts) - - Show Bio

"breaks all the taboos of superhero cinema and offers a completely new take on the genre." 
I feel like this is how every single Mark Millar piece of work is described. Yawn.
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yeah, a friend of mine (she does NOT read comics, i think it's important to point that out) was singing the praises of Kick Ass to me 
and telling me I "had to see it" it's "sooo good" 
and I told her no 
I won't see it because I hate Mark Millar and what he does 
even if it is a good movie, I won't support him 
he's turning lowest common denominator humor and unneccesarily graphic violence into the normal for mainstream comics and entertainment 
and that really sucks
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Sounds intriguing and awful at the same time.
 Could be a fun film in the hilariously bad way.

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it sounds kinda like he stole the opening of 28 Days Later and added superheros.   
I didn't see the last exorcist but i wasn't too impressed with paranormal activity.  I really liked the camera style of District 9 though so if it looked like that it may be good.

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I suppose it's trendy to hate on the popular guy, but I enjoy Millar's stories and will be looking forward to this movie. 

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All shot on a handheld camera?  Didn't Blair Witch Project get booed for that? 
I'm becoming less and less impressed with Mark Millar's work and opinion of himself.

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Mark Millar really really wants to be famous. Mark Millar craves your attention.

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@Krakoa said:
" Mark Millar really really wants to be famous. Mark Millar craves your attention. "
it is kind of sickening....
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deep,  guttural,  boo.

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So he's making the usual Non-Marvel Imprint Mark Millar story??? Wow... totally surprised. e_e 
It had my interest for a minute when it mentioned Scotland, as that area hasn't been done before in the world of superhero movies. THEN he mentioned animal-rights activists... and that lost my interest (OH NO!! look out!!! it's SUPER-PETA!!!). THEN he said it was going to be dark and violent and "break superhero taboos and I was like...."... didn't we already get that kinda story with Kick-Ass??? And Wanted??? And Authority??? And Nemesis?? 
You CAN do better than that Mr. Millar. 

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Mark Millar has stated out, he wants follow the tone of the film District 9 on this. It seems like he's not joking!

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Mark Millar's descent into madness transcends now into theatres directly?!

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