Mark Millar Will Direct A Superhero Movie

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I would say that Mark Millar is a very talented guy.  I've heard some tiny grumblings where some people might slightly disagree with that.  I've been enjoying just about everything he's been writing.  Now it appears that Millar is making a move in a new area.  On Saturday, he announced (via his Millarworld forums) that he will be directing a superhero movie.
Millar stated that this is "but one of several big surprises planned for next year and you'll hear a bit more about this in February when we start to release details."  Millar said he learned a lot from Kick-Ass and wants the creative freedom when it comes to making movies.  He doesn't want to bow down to the studios and have to make a pitch and try to get them to "love" him (he also mentions coming "close to this" with Superman).
Millar also plans to go the same route that Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn did by seeking out private investors for the movie.  Millar said that he hasn't revealed the plans that he has for this movie and that this could happen before War Heroes and American Jesus come to the big screen.
Do you think this is a good idea?  Do you like the idea of Mark Millar having creative control to make the movie he wants to see get made?  I wonder how this will interfere with his writing schedule.  I am very curious to see what he could do with complete control over a movie.
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Not sure how to take this. I like some of his work (the Ultimates, the Civil War) hate others (his stint on the Authority) and find other work good in concept but lacking (Wanted). Maybe his style (not sure if he  has one really) could translate well to the big screen. All depends on the character he adapts I suppose. I shall have to wait and see. I mean, I dislike JJ Abrahms and hated the idea of him doing a Star Trek reboot. And the smug sod somehow manages to make it one of the best films I've seen all year so... let's give wee mark millar a chance. if he sucks, we can endlessly gripe about it on delightful forums like this

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I don't think it will make a big difference to the non-comic reading movie-going public.  They'll still go to watch it, and not know the difference.  A few critics like Jonathan Ross might be more biased in favour of his films, but over all as long as he does a half-decent job then I'm sure his fans will enjoy it.
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Also this way, us "comic fans" can't complain if things are extremely changed.  But then, there's no word whether this is an original concept for a hero that's already established.  Millar is such a tease.  First that Nemesis business, now this.

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I think he could make a good movie. I just wish we had more details.    

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millar can do no wrong !!!!

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This is interesting, because he seemed like he was more open to studio suggestions when it comes the page-to-screen translation (at least moreso than Alan Moore). I guess not so much.
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Well, after the way Wanted was butchered I can see why Millar wants to direct a Superhero movie. I shuddered at his Superman script.

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maybe it's some of his work like Marvel 1985...or Chosen.  that would be a weird movie...

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directing is not easy at all.  The only good thing to come out of this is that it'll stay truer to what he's written
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I don't know what qualifies him to direct a movie.

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I say, let the man do what He wants.... You only live once right???

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