Mark Millar And Matthew Vaughn Plan American Jesus Film

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Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar just finished working on the "Kick-Ass" movie together.  It seems they couldn't get enough of each other and are now planning on bringing another of Millar's work to the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter mentioned late yesterday that Vaughn is looking to direct "American Jesus" as his next project.  The comic was originally published as a three issue mini-series in 2004 called "Chosen."  Millar has decided to continue the story (the second arc will be "The Resurretion" this fall) and the overall title will be "American Jesus."  The original synopsis is as follows:
Imagine you’re twelve years old and suddenly discover that you’re the returned Jesus Christ. You can turn water into wine, make the crippled walk again, and perhaps even raise the dead. What do you do, what does your family do, and how does it affect you knowing that you’re destined to grow up and take part in a conflict that people have been waiting almost two thousand years for?

The movie will be funded independently (as "Kick-Ass" was).  You can bet that there will be some individuals that will not be too happy about this movie.  I did buy the first issue.  Surprisingly, I still have it in my nightstand.  I never got the second or third issue for some reason.  Can't remember if the second was delayed and I just missed it.  I was always curious to see how it ended.  It just slipped from my mind.  Now I have an excuse to track down the other issues.
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This could be fun...

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Plot sounds interesting, who published the original series? Is there a tp for it yet?

I can see how that's insulting for some people though

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Neat idea!

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I think this is a terrible idea for a comic

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Nighthunter said:
"Plot sounds interesting, who published the original series? Is there a tp for it yet?I can see how that's insulting for some people though"
It was Dark Horse.  The trade should be coming into print shortly. says it was supposed to come out on the 25th but don't currently have it.  Amazon has it for pre-order but not a release date.  Volume one contains the CHOSEN storyline.
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ok thanks

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I can see this being protested a bunch, I'd still see it though.

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Oh, boy. Do I smell critics and religious people eating this movie up in criticism? Saying is blasphemous and stuff?

Its interesting in my opinion. 

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It's going to be free publicity.  The thing to keep in mind is Millar did write this back in 2004.  Back then, I don't think writing comics in the hopes they'd get adapted into a movie was a main concern.  I'd hate for people to say this is being made just to stir things up and try to be controversial.  We know it will be but that wasn't really his goal.

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I think it sounds like a cool idea. It'd be awesome to see the story of Jesus in the present.

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The very idea of this movie leaves a nasty taste in my brain, & the zombies don't like it.

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