Comic Book Question of the Week: Favorite Mark Millar Story

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Writer Mark Millar is stepping back into the comic book spotlight with JUPITER'S LEGACY and now the return of the KICK-ASS franchise. With over two decades in the industry, Millar has created quite a few iconic stories for our reading pleasure and we here at Comic Vine want to know which is your favorite. Naturally, we couldn't include everything on the poll, but we believe a large majority of his must read stories did indeed make the cut. While KICK-ASS and WANTED were given rather large popularity boosts thanks to feature films and Civil War was a simply massive event for Marvel, I think it's safe to suspect this race will ultimately come down to two terrific stories: THE ULTIMATES and SUPERMAN: RED SON. Now, that's not downplaying the rest of his work (I loved Old Man Logan and 1985), but these two definitely seem to be the heavy hitters among comic fans and with good reason, too.


Voting will remain open until Thursday morning (ET). Be sure to check the homepage shortly after for an updated article with the results! So yeah, that means if you haven't already read any of these stories, you have until Thursday morning to rectify that mistake and then vote! KICK-ASS 3 #1 goes on sale this Wednesday and JUPITER'S LEGACY #2 is scheduled to come out June 26.

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Very difficult choice, I'll go with Authority

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He wrote Red Son ?! Hmmm didnt know that

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I CAN'T MAKE A DISISION ( flips over table )

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Damn that's tough, Civil War, Red Son and 1985 are almost equal.

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Never read either

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Hmmm, there were a couple of tough choices Civil War and Old Man Logan have a lot of really good moments, but on the whole I'd say Red Son has the best good stuff to head-scratchingly bad/WTF moments.

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After playing X-men Legends, i read Millar's run on Ultimate X-Men and followed that up with the first two volumes of the Ultimates. That got me into comics in the first place. The stories were great, simple because of no continuity, and very cinematic. Millar's interpretation of the X-men is my absolute favorite version of that team, so I pick Ultimate X-men. They felt like a badass wetworks group that protected humanity.

I really wish DC would create a cinematic Ultimate Universe similar to that found in the Ultimates. I have not found that in the New 52. If written by Millar, it would be totally awesome.

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Civil war into reading comicbooks

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It's a hard decision for me between Red Son and his two Wolverine stories, but I ended up going with Red Son. One of the best Superman books ever written, I think.

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Ultimates, that was more or less my in to comic books.

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His best story is without a doubt his book TROUBLE. He took a beloved side charachter (Aunt May) and gave her a crazy and in the end very emotional origin story. After that i would say The Ultimates and Kick Ass.

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I guess I'll go with Red Son, but Kick Ass is a close second

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LMAO at the fact that NO ONE mentioned that garbage, 'Nemesis' (in the comments section I mean). How about we start voting for WORST comics by beloved creators... or is that too much negative karma?

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LMAO at the fact that NO ONE mentioned that garbage, 'Nemesis' (in the comments section I mean). How about we start voting for WORST comics by beloved creators... or is that too much negative karma?

His Unfunnies is even worse! :D

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Kick-Ass! Superior! Red Son! They all great!

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Red Son

It's about the only one that doesn't blow

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I ididnt like Red son much. Maybe because I'm not a superman fan.

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Nemesis & Red Son, Im really not a big Millar fan.

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Civil War being at 20% has made me lose faith in comicvine.

For me, it's either Red Son or Old Man Logan. Wolverine Enemy Of The State is close and I still need to read The Ultimates.

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Superman: Red Son. The clear and only winner here I say.

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Very tough choice! I might have to flip a coin ... Ultimates and Red Son are equally amazing.

Hopefully, one day soon, DC Animation will produce an accurate adaptation of Red Son.

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Honestly, the only thing he wrote that I liked was The Ultimates. To be fair, I haven't read everything he's done, just Kick Ass, Wanted, Red Son and, of course Ultimates. But the rest were really terrible and uninspired, especially Red Son. I mean, any one who's read the Golden Age Superman comics can see that their are tons of allusions to socialism, all Mark Millar did with Red Son was make it really obvious. I did like the first issue of Jupiter's Legacy though.

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i dont really follower writers so didnt know he wrote all of those stories but they are not telling which storyarc he wrote for the authority, ultimate fantastic four and x-men. of the ones listed here ultimate fantastic four, x-men, the authority and supercrooks are the ones i liked best. supercrooks is the one that is most recent so it is what is most fresh in my mind but i have to give it to fantastic four cause it was consistantly good and stepped up my girl sue to whole nother level.

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i only read red son so im not voting

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