CLiNT Magazine Promo From Mark Millar

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Here's a promo for the new magazine, CLiNT from Mark Millar. It's a 100-page monthly magazine that will feature comic strips from Mark Millar, John Romita JR, Steve McNiven, Tommy Lee Edwards, Jonathan Ross, Frankie Bolye and include exclusive stories from the best new talent. The magazine will also have interviews and features from movies, games, TV and more. 

CLiNT #1 goes on sale September 2, 2010.
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Like Wizard, might pick it up
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Looks awesome! but let's see that price tag first, then maybe we can do business :)

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I'd like to check it out.

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I like the idea. However import magazines are so expensive here in Mexico.

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Sure. Why not
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If Wizard #228 - which Millar guest edited - is any indication, I wouldn't touch Clint.
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I'd like to check that out

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i'll try the first issue, if only for news on Kick-Ass 2

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I really want to know what Kick Ass 2 is about.

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A magazine? In this publishing climate? Wow, one of Millar's projects might actually be canned before he gets bored with it. The magazine industry is in dire condition, starting a new one is just throwing money away.

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im almost positive it is available in the Uk only 

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So it's going to be like Wizard was 10 years ago. I might pick up the first issue. Having an online version wouldn't be a bad thought
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well that was a terrible advertisement that looks like someone threw it together lazily while they sat on the toilet...and I won't even not read it because I don't enjoy Millar's current comic work...I won't read it because it's a magazine which is about as useful nowadays as a typewriter

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I've been looking forward to this for months. There are so few decent comics on British shelves nowadays and if you're talking strictly 'mature' comics we have 2000AD and Judge Dredd and that's our lot.
And in typical Titan Magazines fashion the cover is just awful. I could've knocked that up in 20 minutes. Why couldn't they have had a nice painted Turf or Kick-ass 2 covers?

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@cbishop:@ForbushBug:@Pizawle:@Obsurity:@aztek the lost: 
Don't be so cynical guys.
Print isn't dead yet, The comics we all love are still on paper after all.  Positive attitude from fanscan't hurt. Is it really true we just love to bash things before we've any idea what they're really about? 
Or is it maybe because the comicmarket is saturated with US publications and this is a UK based project?

I'm pretty sure the comics ae going to be the biggest selling point here too.   
Imagine 2000ad meets Wizard.
Millar's got his problems but he does good work, Although I haven't read Turf yet i'm familiar with Ross and interested to see what he's doing. Frankie Boyle's an interesting addition too. His caustic sense of humour could offer us something great.
I'll certainly be giving it a chance.
If it does suck no big loss.
#18 Posted by Gylan Thomas (2754 posts) - - Show Bio
@cbishop said:
If Wizard #228 - which Millar guest edited - is any indication, I wouldn't touch Clint. "
That Wizard issue waspretty terrible though.
First I'd read in ages too.
#19 Posted by Asymmetrical (23748 posts) - - Show Bio
@Gylan Thomas: the negativity comes from
a) after all the talking he does to hype his stuff up you think Millar would come up with more then a text slide show anyone could throw together to promo his new magazine
b) like I said, magazines are pretty useless because the point of a magazine that makes it different from say 2000 AD is the news and articles but that kind of stuff is easily found on the Internet so it doesn't really serve a purpose, it should just be a comic
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@Gylan Thomas said:

"That Wizard issue waspretty terrible though. First I'd read in ages too. "

For me, personally, it has nothing to do with it being a UK product - just that it's from Millar.   The Wizard issue was fresh on my mind too, because I just wrote a review of that issue not quite a month ago.  I won't say everything I said there, but it boils down to it was over fifty percent filler, and a lot of that was on Millar, because he edited it, and much of it focused on his stuff - his projects, his interviews, etc.  That colors my opinion on any other magazine he might think of putting out.  With this announcement coming not quite two months after the Wizard issue, I would think that he did Wizard knowing he was developing Clint.  If that's so, he should have made that issue of Wizard shine.  The fact that he didn't tells me that Clint probably won't be all that.  It will take some fantastic comics, contributed by others, to keep it alive.
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Might pick this up.

#22 Posted by excalibur5150 (132 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't think the printing press is not dead but I think that Wizard was DOA 5 years ago.
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The name CLiNT is it a play on on publishing Taboos of not having L&I beside each other since back in the day if the ink smudged wrong it would create a "U".  I know that FLICK was an off limit word from an Eddie Campbell comic.
I like Millar, don't love the man.  I'll like to check out the first issue ans see how that goes.

#24 Posted by goldenkey (3033 posts) - - Show Bio

why buy Wizard when you have comicvine.  Wizard suck ass.
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i'll peep it,not purchase it

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Will pick up first issue at least - I like Millar and Frankie Boyle is fun as FLICK!

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This looks amazing Millers one of my favourate writers and its got KICK ASS 2!!! and its got frankie boyle and jonathon ross and they interview alan carr and it talks comics games and movies this i will be buying every month i cant wait till TOMMORROW when it comes out :D:D:D

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