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The M.A.X. Armor, Mark 3, is an armor suit built by Jenny Swensen, in conjunction with the U.S. government. For the duration of time that she worked for the government (well, willingly, anyway), Jenny used the suit for Project: Spitfire, a special arm of the C.I.A. created to deal with M.A.X. technology proliferation.
After her break with the government in the aftermath of the Pitt incident, the armor was donned by Jake Travest, all around wacko, who used the suit to do whatever the Project needed; he lacked those odd moral qualms that Swensen seemed subject to, and as such, was a 'perfect' candidate for Spitfire pilot.
However, the Spitfire suit failed to defeat a large group of paranormals on a mission in Canada, and the Mark 3 was blown to bits; however, both the Project and the Medusa Web have the capability to rebuild it. This armor suit is a distinct improvement over both the Mark 1 and Mark 2 armors.

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