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Early Life

Marjorie M. Liu was born in Philadelphia, and grew up in Seattle, Washington. She developed an early love of reading, from books such as Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie books, and the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Joseph Campbell, Charles de Lint and Jorge Luis Borges.

Liu majored in East Asian Languages and Cultures and minored in Biomedical Ethics at the Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. During her undergraduate years there, she also practiced her web design skills by designing a fan site called The Wolverine and Jubilee page, based on her discovery of numerous X-Men fan sites that she found to be well-designed. Although she had never read comic books in her youth, she was familiar with the X-Men through the animated TV series and fan fiction, and to familiarize herself with them more closely, she purchased X-Men and Wolverine comics for reference from Powerhouse Comics in Appleton, Wisconsin. In the process, she became a fan of the franchise herself, and wrote her own X-Men fan fiction, finding it an experimental exercise that it improve her storytelling skills.

After graduating, she found that there were not many careers for which education in her chosen areas of study qualified her. She decided to attend law school at the University of Wisconsin, as she was impressed with their East Asian legal center, and the presence of top U.S. experts in Biotech Law on the University's faculty. She found an internship in Beijing working at the Foreign Agriculture Service at the U.S. Embassy, which at the time, was dealing with the Chinese government's new rules regarding the import of genetically modified food. She graduated in May 2003, and admitted to the bar weeks later.


Despite enjoying law school, Liu was disillusioned with the life of a lawyer by the time she graduated, and decided to become a writer. After she published poetry, short stories, and non-fiction pieces, she submitted her first novel, a paranormal romantic adventure set in China and the United States called Tiger Eye, which she wrote in a month, to several publishers before it was acquired by Dorchester. In was published in November 2007. She eventually wrote a sequel to Tiger Eye, as well as A Taste of Crimson, the sequel to Liz Maverick's Crimson City, which was published in August 2005.

Seeing a little boy dressed as Spider-Man at a book convention in Tucson, Arizona, Liu remarked to her former literary agent, Lucienne Diver, how she would enjoy writing for Marvel Comics. Diver, who knew an editor who was acquiring authors to write Marvel tie-in novels for Pocket Books, made some inquiries, and found that while the publisher had already employed enough writers to write Spider-Man books amid the released of the 2002 film, they had not hired anyone to write tie-in novels for the X-Men.

After writing the X-Men novel Dark Mirror in 2005, Liu began talking with Marvel editors about doing comics work for them. It was three years later that she got her first assignment, the X-Men spin-off NYX.

She served as co-writer on Marvel's Daken: Dark Wolverine with Daniel Way, and wrote the X-23 series, which ended with #21. She was recently announced as the new writer of "Astonishing X-Men" with artist Mike Perkins, and the series received media attention for featuring the wedding of Northstar and his boyfriend in #51.

In addition to her literary agent, Abigail Koons of The Park Literary Group, Liu is also represented by Elena Stokes of Wunderkind PR.

Personal life

Marjorie M. Liu currently resides in the American Midwest., Boston, and -- sometimes -- Beijing, China.

Her favorite TV shows include Stargate, Castle, Lost Girl, and The Amazing Race.

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