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Steve was discovered by newlyweds David and Elena Ocean as he walked up shore naked suffering from a head wound. Upon noticing his webbed hands, they immediately rushed him to a nearby military hospital. Searching around for word of any missing children, David and Elena hoped to find his parents and return him home. Never hearing any reports of missing children, they went about adopting him for themselves. With the help of the military, they were successful.

Steve spent much of his childhood being tested on and studied by the military. In his free time away from the tests and school, he would accompany his mother on her various dives. Never needing to rely on oxygen tanks since he could breathe underwater, he was an asset to bring along. On one dive, his mother was trapped beneath rubble and drowned. Steve took this hard. The death of his mother created a drive within him to study and become a marine biologist in the one dream he wanted to make true for her - finding Atlantis.

After finishing his PhD in Marine Biology, he became the Marineman, a TV personality that would bring the field of marine biology to the attention of his millions of viewers.

As revealed by a man that goes by the name "Ancient Mariner," he was created as a part of a Nazi experiment called Project: Water Warrior which he spearheaded. The project's mission was to create a sub-marine invasion force during WWII. Although the Ancient Mariner, who was working as a Genetic Engineer for Heinrich Himmler, found it nearly impossible to deliver pertinent results until luck went his way and was able to procure a DNA sample a from a sea-creature caught and killed off the coast of Norway. The Ancient Mariner then used two Aryan Olympic swimmers to perform in-vitro fertilization incorporating the mysterious DNA he had collected thus Patient Zero was born. His success was short-lived though as the Allies mounted a raid that forced them to evacuate the research lab. 
It was later revealed by Admiral Brooks that the US Forces that raided Himmler's research facility took the specimen back to HQ and Steve's father, David was assigned to look after it. David then was able to make head way and adopted the kid and from then on Steve had a family while the truth of his origins are kept.

Powers and abilities

Steve had displayed the ability to survive indefinitely in underwater conditions and in addition possesses echolocation and can swim at incredible speed.

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