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Eagle's History


Marin and Seiya

Marin is a Japanese Silver female Saint who resides in the Athena Sanctuary, in Greece. She was separated from her little brother and she has been looking for him. When Seiya went to the same place to train as a Saint, as Seiya was Japanese too, he was assigned to Marin, who was a hard trainer, but she could turn Seiya into the Saint he is now. When Seiya became a Bronze Saint, Marin had some rivalry problems with Ophiuchus Shaina, but Seiya broke Shaina's mask, and Shaina was forced to let him go.


Marin vs Asterion

When Gemini Saga, disguised as the Pope, ordered the Silver Saints to attack and kill the traitors Bronze Saints (the ones who had broken Athena's law about fighting because trivial reasons), Marin was ordered to go too. She went with Lizard Misty, and with Mu's help deceived Misty, making him believe that she had killed Seiya. Misty discovered the truth, and fought with Seiya but was defeated by Seiya.

Marin came back with Hound Asterion and Whale Mozes to investigate what happened with Misty, and she was discovered by Asterion mind reading power. She quickly attacked Mozes, but with Asterion's help reading Marin's every move before she could attack, Mozes defeated her. Then she was tied to a post in the sea as a bait to attract Seiya. During the battle with Seiya, Moses said that Marin and Seiya could be siblings due to similar background and now Seiya can watch his possible long lost sister die and as Seiya became furious, he gathered more strength and defeated Mozes. When he was going to help Marin, Asterion stepped in and knocked out Seiya; during that time Marin untied herself and intervened to fight Asterion, as she cleared her mind with no thoughts, Asterion can no longer read her mind, as Asterion used his Million Ghost technique Marin countered and use her Eagle Toe Flash and defeated Asterion without killing him. She told Asterion to go back to sanctuary and send Pope a message then she disappeared for some time, she also left Seiya a message in the sand: "Protect Athena", secret message which later revealed Saori Kido is the true Athena.

The Truth is Revealed

Marin appear to help Seiya

During the fight with the Gold Saints, when Seiya was heading to Pope's palace and was poisoned by Pisces Aphrodite's Demon Roses along the stair way, Marin appeared to help him. She gave her mask to Seiya to help filter the scent of the roses, but without the mask to protect herself, she fainted. Seiya recovered with the help of Marin's mask and blew away the roses with his Pegasus Ryuu Sei Ken, he didn't want to leave Marin alone and was tempted to look at Marin's true face (for rumor about Marin could be his sister), but Shaina appeared and told Seiya that she will take care of Marin. When Marin recovered, she explained to Shaina that she had gone to Star Hill and she had discovered the real Pope, Shion's corpse, so the truth was revealed. Star Hill is only reserved to the Pope, only one with great power was able to climb to the top of it, so it took a real effort for a Silver Saint like Marin.

The Long Search

Marin, Seika and Shaina

From that point on, Marin disappeared for reasons unknown, but she reappeared in the last chapter during Bronze Saints' battle with Hades. She had been looking for Seiya's lost sister, Seika, and found her. During Seiya's fight with Thanatos, Thanatos showed Seiya where his real sister was, and as Thanantos was trying to kill Seika to mock Seiya's human weakness, Marin, along with Shaina, Kiki and the Bronze Saints, jumped in and protected Seika with their gathered power.

Next Dimension

Marin vs Tohma

Tohma tries to kill Seiya, but it is originating from a divine cosmos flower bracelet Seiya. The angel then a Levite a wheelchair with him, to then throw it on the ground to kill him. But Marin comes to save his disciple. Tohma attack her. But then comes the Hyoga to help her. Marin asks that the Hyoga attack the Angel along with her, but Tohma tells they'll end the fight and next time he'll rip out the head of Seiya. Tohma disappears into the sky. Hyoga asks if she knows that Angel wanted to kill Seiya, but Marin does not know. She says just had the feeling of already knowing the Angel, in the distant past.Marin explains to Hyoga, that Seiya has only three days of life. And that Saori and Shun left to save it in the past. Then, Shaina appears offering to protect Seiya with Marin so Hyoga can join Athena and the others in the past.

Secret Moves

As a Silver Saint, Marin possesses advanced mastery of the Cosmo, which grants her abilities that are far superior to those of Bronze Saints, including tremendous superhuman physical strength, and the ability of attaining speed of movement that ranges from mach 2 to 5.

Ryū Sei Ken

• Ryū Sei Ken (Meteor Punch): Marin's main attack. She hits with her fist hundreds times in one second to generate a punch burst, much like a meteor shower. This is the technique she taught Seiya, but because she was not the Pegasus Saint, her version was not called "Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken."

Eagle Toe Flash

• Eagle Toe Flash: Marin transmits all the cosmic energy through a kick. She used this attack to beat Hound Asterion, and it's like a really hard flying kick. When this attack hits an opponent, make him lose consciousness.

Kū Ken

• Kū Ken (Empty Fist): Marin has the ability to create illusions. Through quick movements of his techniques is absorbed and the opponent does not understand that their attacks in general are illusions. It is not really an attack, but a deterrent maneuver, no offensive technique used to simulate a mortal blow on Seiya. The second time this technique was used was in the fight against Moses . If not for the intervention of Asterion , Moses probably would never have been able to beat Marin.

Anime Portrayal

Marin in the anime

Her story in anime version is much like the manga one, but with slight modifications. She is shown considerably weaker; she has problems beating some privates from the Sanctuary, and a giant with only brute force. She also appears in the anime only Asgard saga to help the saints, but she is beaten by Megrez Delta Alberich.

In the movie Tenkai-hen Jōso, it's revealed her little brother is called Tohma (斗馬, Horse of the North Star) and he is one of the god's Angels, because he wanted to become a god. Tohma didn't want to love his sister because he thought it was a feeling too human, but in the end he recognize her.

Episode G

She has a little appearance (by now) in the manga

Episode G

Saint Seiya: Episode G. She appears briefly to beat some Cronos' minions, and later she fight against a giant, but she has to be rescued by Leo Aiolia.

Eagle Silver Cloth

The Eagle (Aquila) Cloth is one of the 88 of Athena's "army", the Saints. There are three ranks, and Aquila Cloth is in the second one, the Silver Saints, along with other twenty-four Cloths. It represents an Eagle with open wings.

There are only three differences between manga and anime version. The manga helmet is like a little eagle with open wings, but the anime version is a tiara with a little eagle in the forehead area. In the anime version, there is no protection for the pelvic area. The one pictured is the manga version with colour. As all Silver Cloths in the manga, it has the color of silver, yet in the anime it's blue and white.

The Eagle Cloth (Mangá version)

Aquila Myth and Constellation

In classical Greek mythology, it was identified as the eagle which carried the thunderbolts of Zeus and was sent by him to carry the shepherd boy Ganymede who he desired to Mount Olympus, where he became the wine-pourer for all the gods. This explains why the largest moon of Jupiter was called Ganymede, Jupiter being the Roman name of Zeus.

Aquila, together with other constellations in the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius (specifically, Lyra, Cygnus), may be a significant part of the origin of the myth of the Stymphalian Birds, one of The Twelve Labours of Heracles.


• Along with Ophiuchus Shaina, Marin was the first Silver Saint introduced by Masami Kurumada in his manga, in vol. 1. But it wasn't after he introduced Lizard Misty as a Silver Saint, that he revealed Marin and Shaina's rank.

• It's known that every female Saint has to cover her face with a mask to renounce her female side. Marin's mask is the simplest one shown, with no signs or marks.

• She is the only female Saint who has never shown her whole face during the series; her eyes were obscured by her bangs when she gave Seiya her mask.

• In episode G, Aiolia is the one who seems to have a crush on her; however in the anime it is the other way around.

• In the manga she and Shaina are seen to be equal in power, but in the anime Shaina is seen to be a bit stronger than Marin.

• Marin and Shaina are the only known Silver Saints who are still alive at the end of the series.

• In the Poseidon arc, though Lyumnades Kaza's illusion on Pegasus Seiya showed Marin without her mask, supposedly really being Seika (both in the manga and the anime). It can't be considered as her real face, since what Kaza did was look into Seiya's heart, drawing on his memories of his sister Seika.

Video Games

Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers

Marin appeared in several games. Many as playable character , and in others , only serving as a supporting character . The most relevant are : Saint Seiya: The Sanctuary and Saint Seiya: The Hades for PlayStation 2.

She's a playable character in the new game for PS3, Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers.

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