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Marilyn Bronson is a meta-human, she started to show powers in her teens. At first she could grow her canines longer and retract her fingernails; in time her transformation turned her into more feline form. She shares similarity to werewolf transformation, once a month; her transformations are not linked to the full moon though, but to her menstrual cycle.

Mayor Story Arcs

While she worked in a bank, it was robbed by Gambler; Wildcat stopped the criminal. Later Marilyn and Wildcat went out and one thing led to another, she got pregnant from him. Wildcat also saw her in the transformed form when she was captured by the Tigress I (who still went by the name of Huntress). Wildcat rescued her and brought her to Doctor Mid-Nite (Charles McNider) who transformed her back to her human form. Wildcat left her soon after and she raised her son all by herself. She named him Thomas Bronson. Marilyn thought not to burden Wildcat with parenthood, so did Thomas when he grew older. Years later Marilyn died of cancer.

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