Mariko Yashida in "Wolverine and the X-Men"

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Yup, even I was surprised. She appeared in episode 17, Code of Conduct. Guess what? Silver Samurai isn't her brother this time, he's her husband through arranged marriage. Well, she still loves Logan, but obviously they can't be together because of loyalty. I highly doubt this is the last time we'll see him, though. One, he wasn't dead, and second, I'm pretty sure he heard his wife say 'I love you" to Logan. Thoughts on their return?

Logan and Mariko

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These crack couples are really jaunting, and work if you don't know anything about the story. It is refreshing to see this, I suppose.

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I doubt she was going to return even if the show wasn't cancelled. The second season was supposed to be about stopping Age of Apocalypse, I don't see Mariko fitting in that storyline.

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