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Mariah Standing Tall

Mariah Romanov was Russian national champion for six years running with the sabre and in fencing. She was also a professor of archaeology at Moscow University. While still in her teens, she fell in love with her fencing instructor, Mikola Rostov. After their relationship ended, she went on an expedition to Peru.


Mariah is a DC (New Earth) character and was created by Mike Grell..

Character Evolution

Fascinated by all things ancient and a strong taste for adventure, Mariah jumped at the chance to accompany the handsome Warlord to the mysterious land of the never-ending sun, Skartaris. While there, she and the Warlord's companion Machiste were transported to the past and her strong attraction to Travis Morgan was left unresolved. It was during this adventure she came to love Machiste. becoming his wife and battling alongside him and others to reclaim Skartaris from its foes. She never regretted her decision to leave modern day Earth behind.

Major Story Arcs

Mariah Foot Trip

There, Mariah met Travis Morgan, known in the world of Skartaris as the Warlord. Seeking adventure and the opportunity to explore the civilisations there, Mariah accompanied him back to Skartaris. At first Mariah felt attracted to Morgan, but ultimately fell in love with his companion, Machiste who is also the King of Kiro.

While helping Warlord look for his wife Tara, Mariah and Machiste fell through a time warp and went far back in time during the Age of the Wizard Kings. While there, they meet Eran Shadowstorm (a centaur and protector of the realm) Mongo Ironhand (a wizard) and Rostov (a werewolf). During their time there, Mariah fell in love with Machiste despite having been attracted to the Warlord.

They both eventually return to the Skartaris of the future where they find Warlord beginning his campaign of war again New Atlantis. Joining in the fight, Mariah battled alongside fellow Skartarians and help defeat the new regime, returning with Machiste to his kingdom of Kiro.

At one time it was believed Tara was dead and Mariah threw herself at Warlord, her attraction towards him having never dissipated. This caused strife among the two couple and friends, but in time they were able to resolve their differences and continue on as allies.

Powers and Abilities

Skilled with the sabre and at fencing and is as strong as a human female at the peak of physical fitness.


Citizenship: Russian and Skartarian

Marital Status: Married (Machiste)

Occupation: Former archaeologist

Gender: Female

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green


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