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Brief History

After Dracula dumped Zofia, he married Maria, and loved her with all his then-human heart. Maria then gave birth to Vlad Tepulus. Nevertheless, Dracula was perished on the battlefield in a battle with Turac, the Turk commander of the opposing force, and was turned into a vampire by Lianda, a vampiress. When Dracula was in a coma after he was turned into a vampire, Maria was sexually assaulted by Turac and his men. After Dracula regained his consciousness, he was locked and Turac threatened Dracula that he would kill Maria and Vlad Tepulus if Dracula would not order his remaining force to surrender. With a sword was about to decapitate Maria, Dracula gave in. Later, Turac fondled Maria as Dracula watched, when Maria spurned his advances, Turac flung her to the floor in anger, however Maria struck her head on the stone column and she died.

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