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The Marhault Ogre was the first major entity the Umbra Sprite summoned to our plane from the fairie realms.  Taking the form of an enormous somewhat ape-like monster, it attacked Kevin Matchstick, Edsel, and Mirth at a football stadium.
Tremendously strong, it battled fiercely against Kevin and Edsel, who used the Bat in its early form against it.  However, the Ogre grabbed Edsel and tossed her against the wall, with Mirth barely shielding her against the impact.  Enraged, Kevin took his first major step towards becoming a true warrior in the Struggle, with his passion eclipsing his normal morality from his previous everyday life: he killed the Ogre by clubbing it mercilessly with a pole.

Edsel gives him a few good whacks

Once he calmed down, Kevin was angry with the way he acted without thinking, but Mirth then explained that fairie creatures cannot be killed; instead they just return to their native plane.

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