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Marguerite was born on the island of paradise, in the dangerous Calm Belt, Amazon Lily. She is a kind girl who is a member of Amazon Lily's Defense Force. She found Luffy after he landed on their island and brought him back to the village.


One Piece Vol. 53 JPN (Mar 2009)

Marguerite (マーガレット, Māgaretto) is a supporting character from the One Piece series by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. She first appeared during the Amazon Lil Arc that began in Volume 53.

Her first anime appearance was in One Piece Vol. 53, CH. 514 " Body Parasite Mushroom".

All of the Kuja of Amazon Lily are named after a type flower. She was named after the flower Marguerite.

Character Evolution

The character Marguerite did not have much tome to evolve in the story since she mainly played a role in the Amazon Lily Arc. She is a lovely blond woman with a strong sense of curiosity and curvaceous body. She can make clothing, has a love for her home island, her friends, and greatly admires the empress of Amazon Lily, Boa Hancock. Often wearing a small animal hide style bikini top and small skirt.

Originally, she was frightened of Luffy after being exposed to his wild powers. She had never met a man before and was unsure if all men were as strange as him. Though, she was initially very concerned about Luffy's presence once it was discovered he is a boy and was willing to try and kill him several times. She was quickly won over by his kindness and honesty. Going so far as to stand up for Luffy when Boa Hancock was intent on executing him.

Major Story Arcs

Amazon Lily Arc

Marguerite found who she thought was a young woman of the village lost in the woods and covered in parasite mushrooms, along with Aphelandra and Sweetpea. However, after treatment, they discovered this was a young man, Monkey D. Luffy. He was placed inside a cage but broke out. In the chaos, he grabbed Marguerite and ran to the jungle, because she had been the one who made him the clothes, and there was something he need from his old clothes. Marguerite was tormented by her loyalty to the laws of Amazon Lily, since no man was allowed on the island, but Luffy didn't seem interested in harming anyone. He was able to run away, but was captured by Boa Hancock.

At the Colosseum, Marguerite, Aphelandra, and Sweetpea tried to defend Luffy, but Hancock punished them but turning them to stone. They were later revived on Luffy's request, and Marguerite heard how he had fought to defend them from being destroyed. Marguerite thanked Luffy that night, and took him to Grandma Nyon's home to relax. While there, he learned from Nyon that his brother, Ace, was due to be executed by the Navy. She said her goodbyes to Luffy as he left with Boa Hancock to save his brother. She hoped they could meet him and his pirate crew sometime in the future.

Dawn Island Arc

Boa Hancock returned from the war at Marineford with Luffy, and everyone was excited to see him again. Marguerite wanted to make some clothes for him that he's really like. They had no idea how much he was suffering from both his injuries and witnessing his brother's death. He was later taken to Ruskaina Island in the Calm Belt to train to use Haki.

Fish-Man Island Arc

After two years, Marguerite was among the amazons to pick Luffy up from Ruskaina, and she had some new clothes for him. She marveled at the gigantic animals on the island, but one was ready to attack her. Luffy warned the beasts not to hurt his friend, and it backed down. They took him to Sabaody Archipelago and said goodbye. They were able to block the Navy ships from stopping Luffy had his crew from leaving on their ship. From the Yuda, she could see Luffy's friends and thought they looked like fun people. The Straw Hat Pirates ship sank in the water on the trip to Fish-Man Island, and Marguerite returned to Amazon Lily.

Powers and Abilities


Haki (覇気, Haki) is a power that is possessed by all people, but few can actually use it. It's often unique to those with a strong enough will to control. This power is even strong enough to cancel out the powers of Devil Fruit users, but even they can use this skill. There are three basic forms of Haki, and all the Kuja Amazon warriors can use this Armament Haki.

  • Armament Haki: The Armament Haki (武装色, Busoushoku) technique is a skill that surrounded the body of the user like an invisible armor. This can also be projected outward when striking to cause even more damage than normal. This power can even completely cancel the abilities of the powerful Logia Devil Fruit users. Since this power can be extended to the user's weapons, Marguerite uses it with her arrows.

Weapons & Equipment

All of the Kuja Amazons have a snake that stays with them at nearly all the time. These snakes seem like pets, but they are specially trained for combat. At a moments notice they will take on the form of a bow for the Kuja to fire their haki infused arrows.

Other Media


One Piece (1999)

The One Piece animated series is a direct adaptation of Oda's original manga.. It's produced by TOEI Animation and first began airing in October 20, 1999. Marguerite's her first anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 408 "Landing! The All-Female Island, Amazon Lily", which aired on July 5, 2009. Her character in the Japanese series is voiced by Masumi Asano, and the U.S. dub produced by FUNimation has yet to announce any casting information. The official FUNimation subtitles spelled her name as "Margaret".

An alteration was made to Marguerite in the anime version of One Piece. In the original manga scene, Ch. 515, Marguerite is topless as she and Sweetpea are bathing an unconscious Luffy. For the anime version of this scene, Ep. 408, Marguerite kept her top on.

Another change is to when Luffy is first leaving Amazon Lily. Her farewell scene with Luffy is greatly expanded to how it was in the original manga version.


Though Margaret is a relatively new character to the series, she does make a supporting character role in the Nintendo DS game, One Piece: Gigant Battle (2009 JNP).

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