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Margot and her sister Aliki are acrobats from France and at one point were the featured performers of Cirque Sensationnel. 


Her first appearance was in Nightwing #32 in 1999.  She was created by Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel

Character Evolution

As the older of the two, Margot is the de facto leader of their small group.  She generally provides the leadership for the two and allows them to stay focused on their jobs. 

Major Story Arcs

The first appearance of the sisters was in Bludhaven, having chosen to go up against the criminal operation of Blockbuster for their scores.  This drew the attention of both Blockbuster and Nightwing.  They would later join Alexander Luthor’s Secret Society of Super Villains.  They were also later recruited by Cheshire to help destroy the Secret Six.  They were initially able to subdue Deadshot, but were later almost killed by him, although he decided not to kill them as his daughter was present. 

Powers and Abilities

As with most of the Gotham based characters, the two have no super powers.  They are extremely skilled acrobats and gymnasts though, and their ability in these fields also transfer well to hand-to-hand combat and thievery.  

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